Trial in the murder of Kai M. starts in July in Duisburg

Mordfall Kai M.
Hells Angels trial starts in Duisburg in July

The murder of Kai M., whose body was found dismembered in the Rhine in 2014, is to be legally clarified. Six men associated with the Hells Angels have been charged. The investigation file includes several boxes, the tracks lead to Mönchengladbach and the Ruhr area.

The mammoth trial in the Kai M. murder case begins on July 19 in the Duisburg district court – eight years after the death of the former Hells Angels member. Kai M. is said to have been shot by Ramin Y., the former boss of the Mönchengladbach rocker club. He is still wanted. He is believed to be in Iran.

A total of six men from the rocker milieu are accused of murder, attempted murder and assault, among other things. It is also about a shootout in which the Hells Angels in Oberhausen are said to have shot at a leading member of the rival Bandidos. The victim and his girlfriend were only able to save themselves with serious injuries.

The 5th Great Trial Chamber has scheduled a total of 36 trial days until early 2023. According to a court spokesman, it is a “huge process”. The investigation file therefore includes several boxes. At the start of the trial, apparently only the indictment should be read out. It is still unclear which witnesses will be summoned at the following dates. It is expected that a 46-year-old from Mönchengladbach will testify, who is considered a key witness in the proceedings because he was part of the milieu himself. Surprisingly, he contacted the public prosecutor’s office and helped to reconstruct the crime.

With armored cars and 900 emergency services, the police searched 24 properties in nine cities in North Rhine-Westphalia in early September 2021, including brothels, club houses and apartments. The coordinated action took place in Cologne, Essen and Krefeld, among others, with the focus on Duisburg and Mönchengladbach.

  In April 2014, police divers searched the Rheinpreußenhafen in Duisburg-Homberg for light parts from Kai M.

In April 2014, police divers searched the Rheinpreußenhafen in Duisburg-Homberg for light parts from Kai M.
Photo: Christoph Reichwein (crei)/Reichwein, Christoph (crei)

A 42-year-old was arrested in Mönchengladbach at the time. He is said to have helped Ramin Y. to get rid of Kai M.’s body “by dismembering it”. Another suspect was arrested in a raid in Mönchengladbach in February. He is considered one of the leading figures of the Mönchengladbach rocker club and has often appeared alongside Ramin Y. He received the new arrest warrant for murder and attempted murder while in custody, where he was accused of gang drug trafficking. Four of the six accused are said to have helped in the disposal of Kai M.’s body, in some cases decisively.

One of the men in the dock is said to have been present at the attack on the Bandido and his girlfriend in Oberhausen, another in both cases. However, the main perpetrators are still being sought. In addition to Ramin Y. is Mustafa H., who is said to have also left abroad.

The trial in Duisburg is to take place under increased security precautions.