Trial of the “drug supermarket” in Saint-Ouen: the defense of the main defendant pleads for release

On the last day of the trial of the deal point on Avenue Michelet in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), Monday, May 30, Me Tarek Koraitem, the lawyer for the alleged boss, pleaded for release before the criminal court of Bobigny. “The prosecution takes cross roads reporting its hypotheses and its clues, asserts the council. But there is nothing. No proof. »

On May 23, the prosecution requested fifteen years in prison and a fine of seven million euros against Moussa, 31, suspected of being the leader of this drug trafficking dismantled in Saint-Ouen between June 2020 and January 2021 Since the beginning of May, thirty-two people, aged 18 to 58, have appeared before their judges. They are suspected of working in this team which sold cannabis and cocaine twenty-four hours a day and whose turnover would have reached 1.4 million euros monthly.

anonymous information

Eleven of them are still imprisoned, while a man, suspected of being one of the leaders of the traffic, fled to Morocco and was never arrested. The criminals had set up a money laundering system using sports betting tickets from the Française des jeux (FDJ). The prosecutor had requested waivers of sentences for the tobacconists and up to ten years in prison for Moussa’s brother.

The investigation began with anonymous information denouncing Moussa and his older brother Aboubakar as the managers of the deal point which employed numerous accomplices. Dealer, foreman, reloader, car rental company, nanny, etc. Me Koraitem disputes any involvement of his client in this case. “He has no contact with drug suppliers. He is not on the list of betting winners. When he goes to the cafe which would be the headquarters, we do not know what he says. We see it with bags, we don’t know what they contain. The car rental company accuses him? For the defense, he is a liar who has changed versions too many times.

The lawyer also denounces the portrait of his client which depicts him as a man with an opulent lifestyle. “He lives in a 40 m2 in Colombes (in the Hauts-de-Seine) and he works as a delivery driver. He owns 46 pairs of sneakers but he has been collecting them for ten years and sells them when they increase in value. The deliberation must be delivered on June 3.