Tribute in Portugalete to the last worker victim of capitalism – Ecuador Etxea

By Laura Fontalba

Ezkerraldea Antifaxista has gathered to denounce the recent death of another worker in Portugalete, and demand the organization and the struggle as the only way against capitalism, which brings nothing but misery and, in the worst case, deaths.

In fact, currently, there are many families without resources who are condemned to poverty, to spend the winter “Between blankets”, with bills of electricity, mortgage or abusive rents; with increasingly precarious jobs and fear of the ERE. In addition, reaching the worst case, in the months that have elapsed this 2021, 57 workers have died in occupational accidents. All this, under the guilt of a system that turns life into a “profit business ”.

The organization has shown that, at this time, it is very important to abandon individualism and opt for organization and joint struggle. “It is time for class solidarity”, they have reaffirmed; because they assure that what businessmen and rulers fear most is “Unity in the struggle of the working people, with no other limit than the determination to stop the rise of fascism and reverse this capitalist drift”, have concluded.