Trikal will be attacked by the spirit of Wan Victory that resides in the body of Desire.

Trinity will hit the spirit win day possessed in the body of wish attack Chef O and Pum go help in time drama 3rd eye Time 8:30 p.m. Channel 3

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Channel 3

8:30 p.m. 3rd eye Trinity will hit the spirit win day possessed in the body of wish attack Chef O and Pum go help in time

channel MONO29


Curse of love for a white-haired man

1:55 p.m. series Curse of love for a white-haired man (Princess Silver) at first Princess’ story Rong Le After losing his memory from a massive battle, Luo Yunxi Prince of the Qi Region, Rong Le’s real brother, tried to do everything possible to bring back the memories.


The Lego Ninja Go Movie

3:20 p.m. The Lego Ninja Go Movie (The Lego Ninjago Movie) The adventures of a young master builder like Lloyd or green ninja Must set out to protect the city of Ninjago with his secret ninja friends with the leadership of Master. Woo A person with a sharp mouth is not allergic to intelligence. They must defeat the evil warlord. Garmadon Super villain when robots have to fight with robots. This epic fate will be the test of a new generation of brave but undisciplined ninjas. They must learn to stop being so egotistical. and work together to release a lot of inner power

10:35 p.m. series tattooed girl death trap years 5 (Blindspot S.5) (section 6) When Icelandic service providers return to collect debt The team is forced into a worldwide race of life and death to solve a series of puzzles and recover the painting. Gardner The famous stolen

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11:55 p.m. The Mule (The Mule) The story of a 90-year-old man, a farmer and a veteran of World War II. Later became a driver of a shuttle bus. But the story happened when he was caught by the US police. while transporting $3 million worth of cocaine to a Mexican drug cartel

channel PPTV



14.20 late afternoon movies About the Karma version 2556 The story takes place when a Japanese Navy Shipyard Chief Engineer. kobori who settled along the Bangkok Noi canal, near the house of Angsumalin Thai girl living with mother and grandmother amidst the chaos of war Angsumalin, who is already prejudiced against the Japanese soldiers Well, Ploy doesn’t like Kobori’s face that much. When they got married for political reasons Intimacy and true love from Kobori Angsumalin began to tremble. and began to have a heart for Kobori


Wo Ai Ni, you darling.

9:30 p.m. Wo Ai Ni, you darling. Yang Mi I’m having fun creating works to submit to the contest. She was called into the express company. about sending her to work in India Dantai came to find Yang Mi because she felt that she had something to worry about. I want to comfort beside you Ready to tell Yang Mi to start over with Chen An