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The press photo of the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee shows the new, old, already proclaimed and now again designated triumvirate around Prince Sven I.

Cologne | The Cologne Carnival Festival Committee abrogates Section 5 of the Cologne Basic Law: Nix bliev wie et wor. In this session, the old remains also the new Cologne triumvirate, so no news if it weren’t for a difference: The 2G and 3G junkies want to really celebrate Carnival again.

Prince Sven I., Sven Oleff, Bauer Gereon, Gereon Glasemacher, and Jungfrau Gerdemie, Dr. Björn Braun hope to be able to move through the halls in the 2022 session and since politicians up and down the country never tire of declaring that there will be no more lockdown, it can also be assumed.

So do the three have to be introduced again? For many years, Prince Sven I was a dancer in the Cologne dance groups Kölsch Hännes’chen, Kölner Rheinveilchen and De Höppemötzjer. As a master craftsman, he is self-employed and runs his own business, and in his free time he enjoys golfing and cycling. Gereon Glasemacher, the farmer, came through the stations, the children’s dance group Blaue Funken, Lyskircher Hellige Knäächte and maidservants to the old townspeople and thus to the peacock feather hat. Dr. Jörg Braun is a Jungfrau Gerdemie and works as a lawyer in a Cologne law firm. All three are borrowed from the traditional corps of the old towners.

So again: nothing remains like et what? No, everything just starts all over again, as if the 2022 session were a time warp like in “Groundhog Day”. Who does not remember the 1993 comedy film from the USA with Bill Murray, who is stuck in the time warp as a weather announcer and reports on the day of the marmot in the small town of Punxsutawney. But not just once.

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Will Prince Sven I’s day begin every day with the song “I Got You Babe”? One thing is clear in the previously unseen film “And daily greetings the jecke animal”, everything starts all over again for the upcoming trifolium, which was already a trifolium: Now they are re-designated, a contract is signed on the eleventh in the eleventh the mayor, on January 7th is proclaimed and on early Ash Wednesday everything is over and it is then finally Zick eröm. But in between carnival is celebrated.

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32_GRAFIK_3G_Old Town

Cologne | On the eleventh in the eleventh, the carnival session is to be celebrated in Cologne again live, in color and, above all, analogue. However, the city of Cologne is restricting the possibilities and will create areas in which only 3G jumpers are permitted.


Sessions start: Celebrate safely with the “3Gplus” rule

Cologne | After the forced Corona break in the previous year, the Jecken in Cologne are hoping to celebrate the start of the session on November 11th in a larger setting this year. The celebrations not only take place on the Heumarkt and in the old town, but also on the Schäl Sick. There has been the “Kölschen Countdown” of the big ones from 1823 since 2013. The KG XXL party takes place from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on the grounds of the Tanzbrunnen in Deutz. Admission starts at 8.30 a.m.

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Cologne | Now officially: The Cologne Carnival Festival Committee has big plans for the 200th anniversary year of organized carnival in Cologne, and on this occasion will turn around the Cologne Carnival Monday procession in 2023. It then starts at the Tanzbrunnen and ends at the Severinstorburg in Cologne’s Südstadt.