Trouble with Doper Alexander Loginow at the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz

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Wagenburg mentality: The Russian Alexander Loginow is a world champion whom no one wants except his compatriots.
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Alexander Loginow has a dark past. And on the return after the doping ban, there was a tangible scandal. Now the Russian wins the Biathlon World Cup – and the competition takes it on the grain.

MWith a grim tunnel view and at a rapid pace, Alexander Loginow hurried through the trellis of journalists. The defensive posture. No look to the right or left, especially not a word. Just an indolent gesture. Does this look like a biathlon world champion? One who just surprisingly won the sprint in Antholz and left the industry greats Quentin Fillot Maillet, Martin Fourcade and the Bö brothers behind? The 28 year old Russian probably knows what to expect. Knows that he is the world champion, that – apart from the compatriots – nobody wants him to have to explain himself again.

The man has a dark past. Loginow was out of business between 2014 and 2016 due to epo abuse. And his first big appearance after the doping ban, at the 2017 World Cup in Hochfilzen, caused a tangible scandal. At the time, Fourcade, a staunch front man in the anti-doping movement of the biathletes, had sneered at the podium at the mixed relay award ceremony after the Russians, who had finished third with Loginow after France, had refused to shake his hand: Fourcade had previously Loginows start sharply criticized.



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