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As of: 01/30/2023 6:29 p.m

There were significant disabilities on Hamburg’s autobahns on Monday. A truck drove into the guardrail on the A7, and a bus caught fire on the A1. There were closures and traffic jams.

On the A7, a truck drove near Hamburg-Heimfeld in the early morning of Moorgen for reasons that are still unclear and parked across the roadway. There were kilometers of traffic jams on the A7 and the A261 in the morning rush hour. The driver of the truck was not injured and no other vehicles were involved in the accident, a police spokesman said.

Truck tears guard rail

The truck tore around 100 meters of guardrail in the incident, it said. Because of the salvage work, the freeway was closed to the north. Two lanes were reopened in the afternoon. The guard rail is to be replaced on Tuesday.

Bus without passengers caught fire on the A1

In the morning nothing worked on the A1. A bus burned between Hamburg-Billstedt and -Öjendorf. A police spokesman said no one was injured. It was an articulated bus that was on a workshop trip without passengers. The driver was able to save himself. The bus caught fire under a bridge near the Öjendorf junction and burned out.

Traffic jam due to salvage work

The motorway in the direction of Lübeck/Berlin initially remained completely closed after the fire was extinguished. The clean-up work took several hours. All three lanes were reopened around 5 p.m. in the afternoon. Only soot adhesions were found on the bridge, according to the police traffic control center. The extent of the damage and the cause of the fire are still unclear. In the direction of Bremen/Hanover, the A1 was temporarily only single-lane from Hamburg-Öjendorf due to heavy smoke, but was fully reopened after the fire was extinguished.

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