Truck convoys, protesting “expensive oil”, announced on November 16, moving troops to close Bangkok

from the case of truck operators across the country come out moving to call on the government Supporting the price of diesel fuel from 30 baht per liter to be reduced to 25 baht for a period of 1 year to help alleviate the suffering. expensive oil of transport truck operators across the country

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak They also have to bear the burden of higher oil prices. which is considered to aggravate the transport sector But after the government did not accept the offer. along with confirming that will maintain the diesel price at 30 baht per liter as before It makes a group of truck operators transport goods across the country. Each appointment stops 20 percent of the buses starting from November 1, 64 onwards. expensive oil

Recently, today (7 November 2021), Mr. Thanasun Kulpesaranon, Deputy Secretary General of the Northeastern Transport Association, revealed that the demands of truck operators across the country in the past Until now, it was unclear from the government whether will help anything There is also news that will also adjust the diesel fuel price ceiling to 34 baht per liter as well expensive oil

So what the government expresses like this show that The government is not sincere to help solve the problems of the transport sector or the people expensive oilso On this 16 November 64, the network of truck operators across the country will arrange to gather to move the convoy from all directions Definitely going to Bangkok for the second round And this time, I’m sure there will be trucks joining the procession. will be more than the first round Because everyone wants to show their strength. for the government to see How much trouble do we have?

Truck convoys protest "expensive oil" Announced on November 16, moving the army to close Bangkok

But if the government still insists will not reduce the oil tax Give diesel fuel to 25 baht per liter. We will be willing to raise the price of transportation to suit the price of oil. Even if you don’t want to do it, you have to do it because if you still stick to the same price The transport sector cannot coexist.

The truck group felt sympathy for the farmers. Especially for farmers, rice prices are now at an unprecedented low. Many people complain that the price of rice is cheap and if they come across the price expensive oil Combined with the expensive shipping cost It will be even more difficult. which will affect each other as a chain in many circles, so the government should reduce the price of oil So that would be the best solution right now. We didn’t ask for much. Just lower the price to 25 baht per liter for a period of 1 year only. which the government can do expensive oil