Trudeau-Macron: the match


The Canadian Prime Minister is on an official visit to France for two days.

Will France succumb to Trudeaumania? The Canadian Prime Minister, darling of the international media , began this Monday morning a two-day official visit to France – the first since his election in October 2015. Trudeau-Macron, the poster has something to delight fans of glamor. TUCK ATTACHMENT >> Canada Beyond Clichés: Receive our free (and yet rich) newsletter every week by registering here The first meeting of the two men, physical ideal son-in-law and charming smile shared, in May 2017, G7 Taormina, had made joy social networks. Two months later, at the G20 in Hamburg, the two leaders had once again had the opportunity for a privileged exchange, at the end of which Justin Trudeau had underlined his pleasure at seeing “Emmanuel, with whom we have so many hooked atoms and interests in common “. It’s good: France will succeed Canada at the head of the G7 next July, after the summit of Charlevoix. Trudeau and Macron sometimes give the impression of competing initiatives on many subjects, at the risk of sometimes getting in the carpet. We are replaying the match… The youth When he was elected about a year and a half ago, Trudeau was barely 44 years old. It is he who opens the ball of the renewal of generations at the head of Western democracies. His career was almost as fast as that of Emmanuel Macron: elected Liberal MP for the first time in 2008, he became Prime Minister seven years later. Macron, meanwhile, failed in 2007 to win the nomination of the Socialist Party in Picardy; he joins the Rothschild investment bank. Then, five years will suffice, from his appointment as Deputy Secretary General of the Elysee Palace in 2012 to his candidacy in 2017, to win the supreme nomination … under 40 years. As much Macron seeks to forget his youth, Trudeau values ​​it. The Canadian Prime Minister has even made an axis of his policy: a few months after his appointment, he launched on Twitter a call for applications from 16-24 years, to form a “Council youth policy” composed of fifteen members (25 today) responsible for making proposals. He never misses an opportunity to meet young people. The proof ? In Paris, after the Elysee, he is expected Monday afternoon rue Saint-Guillaume for a meeting with Sciences Po students. Trudeau 1 – Macron 1 Modernity Trudeau and Macron claim to embody renewal in politics. But what is it really? For the record, Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre-Eliott Trudeau, who was twice Prime Minister of Canada – a total of fifteen years – and who marked the country with his progressive reforms and his hostility to the independence of Quebec. Justin has been immersed in politics from an early age. He is a child of the system, in short. Yet, Trudeau was able to dynamize this image of heir by his very direct style, his hyperpresence on social networks (never stingy of a selfie), his non-conformist communication – he gives an interview to the French magazine Stubborn in August 2016 and made, the following summer, the front page of the American magazine Rolling Stone . He does not hesitate to adopt the costumes and rituals of the different communities that make up his country – did not his father theorize Canadian multiculturalism? Sophie-Grégoire, Ella-Grace, Xavier-James and Justin Trudeau, Amritsar, India, February 21, 2018 NANU His efforts sometimes sink into ridicule, as during a trip to India last February with his wife and three children. The clothing initiatives of the Trudeau family have been misunderstood by many Canadians (and have made some dissatisfaction among the Indians, even). As a result, Canada’s most popular Prime Minister, who has remained at unparalleled levels for two years, has plummeted to less than 40%. This is about the level at which Emmanuel Macron-ex-finance inspector passed by the ENA, follower of a very locked communication- was, before his two recent media interventions, TF1 then RMC-BFM. Trudeau 0 – Macron 0 The women Trudeau was the first joint government in Canadian history. “Why ?” he had been asked. “Because we are in 2017,” he had simply replied. Since then, he has consistently affirmed the importance of pursuing gender equality policies. On 24 January, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he devoted most of his speech to women’s rights and the need to encourage their promotion in business and throughout society. Not content to elevate women’s rights to a national priority, to the point of developing a 2018-2019 budget that is supposed to improve parity, the Canadian Prime Minister has also made it a focus of the G7, which her country is chairing for the first time. semester 2018. It also established a Gender Equality Advisory Council – co-chaired by Canada’s Ambassador to France Isabelle Hudon and Melinda Gates. Role of this council? Make sure that the decisions will be made in the light of their impact on gender equality. Liberal in the North American sense of the term, progressive, Trudeau has also made a strong commitment in his country and at the international level in favor of LGBT right . He was the first Canadian head of government to participate in the 2016 Pride Parade in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Macron, too, has decided to make gender equality one of the great causes of his five-year period, announcing on March 8th, about fifty flagship measures. Trudeau 1 – Macron 0 The Canadian Prime Minister at the Vancouver Pride March 31st, 2016. REUTERS The environment “Make our planet great again”: After the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement on the climate, Emmanuel Macron launched this initiative and clearly wanted to take the lead on the environmental cause, taking advantage of the One Planet Summit in Paris, last December, to reaffirm the need imperative to act on climate issues. It is also the speech advocated by Justin Trudeau whose election marked the return of Canada on the environment, after the refusal of his predecessor, the Conservative Stephen Harper, to meet the Kyoto commitments. Coming to Paris for the climate conference in November 2015, right after his election, Trudeau made a strong impression. Still, the Canadian Prime Minister is torn between his ecology and economic imperatives. It has approved the construction of a pipeline in the west of the country, which should lead to an increase in oil production from the controversial oil sands in Alberta. Trudeau 0 – Macron 1 Francophonie One of the first steps of Justin Trudeau’s visit this Monday morning will be the International Organization of la Francophonie, whose current secretary general is Canadian (and former journalist) Michaëlle Jean, on the track for a new term of office. autumn. For Canada, an officially bilingual country, the Francophonie is a key issue. His current prime minister is perfectly bilingual and navigates with perfect fluency between Molière’s language and Shakespeare’s language. “I am a Quebecker born in Ottawa and who taught French in Vancouver, where does my mother come from,” Trudeau told L’Express in 2013. France, finally, has a president who is fluent in English, even to the point of abusing it. And to consider that we can promote Francophonie by speaking English … Not necessarily the taste of Canadians. Especially as changing language, Macron changes his tone: he confirmed to Davos that English was the language of liberalism and French that of solidarity. Trudeau 1 – Macron 0 The mores Legalization of cannabis, help to die … Justin Trudeau was not afraid to put on the agenda of the controversial subjects of society, of which he had made promises of campaign and whose realization turned out more delicate than envisaged. He was also open to welcoming refugees, and went to the airport himself to show Ottawa’s commitment to the subject. Canada also faced an influx of asylum seekers from the United States last summer, frightened by the new Trump administration’s provisions. Canada’s ambition is to welcome some 310,000 immigrants in 2018 -a record. By comparison, Emmanuel Macron’s asylum and immigration bill reveals a much more restrictive vision. Trudeau 1 – Macron 0 The Middle East Much less involved in military interventions than his predecessor, Justin Trudeau removed Canadian troops from Syrian theater. He denounced the chemical attack of eastern Ghouta, attributed to the Damascus regime, then only approved the strikes decided by the United States, France and Great Britain. Canada no longer intends to participate in any military action in Syria. Trudeau 0 – Macron 1 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump on October 11, 2017 at the White House LOEB Free trade This is the great ambition of Trudeau and Macron: to encourage the opening of markets, the circulation of goods, the mobility of people. Both advocate for the ratification of the European Union-Canada Free Trade Agreement (CETA) , signed in Brussels in October 2016 and entered into force last September. The subject is vitally important to Canada , which has only 35 million inhabitants and sees its trade relations with the big American neighbor (75% of its trade) threatened by the protectionism of Trump. Trudeau has also spared no effort to obtain the ratification of the European Parliament, coming in February 2017 to speak in Strasbourg before the deputies – a first. For Emmanuel Macron, this issue is high risk: he was the only presidential candidate openly in favor of CETA. Worse, part of its majority opposes the ratification of the treaty, which it considers dangerous for the environment and the sovereignty of the States. Despite the “accompanying plan” presented this fall by the government, opponents do not disarm. Will France keep its promise of ratification by its parliament by the end of the year? Trudeau relies heavily on his French ally. No doubt he will take advantage of his speech Tuesday at the Palais Bourbon – still a first for a Canadian head of government – to address this sensitive subject and deploy a charm offensive in favor of CETA. Trudeau 1 – Macron 1 Did you like this article? Register for free to our newsletter ATTACHE TA TUQUE: every week news of Canada in all its states!


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