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True Detective Season 3 gets another trailer

True detective has a question for you: how good are you for Season 3?

HBO suspects that the answer will be "very", especially if you look at this trailer for the new season, which features Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali as a detective, following a troubling case from his past.

Ali will play the same character in several places throughout his life as he tries to deal with a case involving two missing children who caught him early in his career. The cast also includes Stephen Dorff (blade), Carmen Ejogo (Alien: Covenant), Brandon Flynn (13 reasons why) and Michael Graziadei (American horror story).

The first season of True detectiveDirected by Cary Fukunaga with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrellson was a resounding success for HBO. It was thanks to creator Nic Pizzolatto that he was dealing with an intense, southern gothic-style new version of the crime, which was supported by the performances of the leads and the expert photography of Fukunaga.

Season 1 was released in 2014 and Season 2 followed in the next year. But it was generally regarded as a huge horror. Fukunaga left to be replaced by a rotating directorial staff, and Pizzolato's writing became less focussed, resulting in a season that felt bloated and incoherent, even though she only used eight episodes. It told a completely different story from season one, with a new cast, including Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch – who are also considered downgrade.

Season 3, however, is developing into a true return to form. Ali is on an incredible hot show and is getting an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor moonlight 2016 and as one of the best parts of the mediocre first season of Netflix Luke Cage the following year. The new season also seems to be on the safe side, with acclaimed helm Jeremy Saulnier (Green room, keep the darkness) Dealing with the first two episodes and TV veteran Daniel Sackheim (The man in the High Castle, Better Caul Saul) Splitting the remaining episodes with Pizzolatto.

This new trailer definitely seems to offer a mood more in line with the first season than the second season, with the cinematography wrapped in shadow and the enchanted face of Ali (as a green rookie, seasoned detective, and older man) in our eyes Stares at souls as he sounds off-tone: "Things I've seen, things I know … would do nothing but do damage." HBO seems to have heard the second season's criticisms, and at all its appearances, the network – not to mention three years – has been struggling to get that third hit just right.

True detective Season 3 will be premiered on HBO on January 13, 2019.


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