True Move H warns against fake apps Send a download link to register for data theft.

Don’t be fooled…TrueMove H warns against scammers, comes in a new form, claiming to be an official from True. Contact the customer and request details of the service. Hope well to check whether the customer’s mobile number has been used by other scammers for transactions or not. Ready to deceive that the customer’s mobile number is not completely registered with the SIM card by asking to add Line to send details

If the customer believes The scammer will send you a link to download a fake application called TrueMove H, claiming to be a platform for real name verification. and lead customers to trust their personal information with the verification code Some people may use the same code as their other financial applications. And ask customers not to use the phone during this time. which if the customer believes to follow The scammers will use that moment to connect the bank app. and draw money from customer accounts

However, I would like to reiterate that the TrueMove H Operator application (as shown in the picture) is a fake app and is not related to the company’s operations in any way. If the customer wants to check information about additional services can call 1242 or enter the True ID application True i Service Moreover, TrueMove H customers can also use the Whoscall application to notify strange numbers, know every call, or call 9777 to inform suspected incoming phone numbers and fraudulent SMS, free of charge.


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