News Trump Administration Walks Back Anti-MEK Memo

Trump Administration Walks Back Anti-MEK Memo


The Daily Beast / Photos Getty Photo Diagram
The Daily Beast / Photos Getty Photo Diagram

At the speed of the brush, the State Department is walking back an order that prohibits American diplomats from meeting with controversial Iranian dissident groups – including one close to Trump World allies and previously named as a terror group, the Mujahedeen-e -Khalq (MEK). The initial memo, which clarified an employee of the Department of State career, is anger at the Congressional Hawk of Iran. And the Department intends to change its direction from the heart.

The first memo, originally described by Bloomberg and reviewed by The Daily Beast, included sober warnings against a meeting with the MEK, focusing on his terrorist time and saying Iran has a low view from day to day. day on the group. The memo also warned about interactions with the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iranian, highlighting his attacks on Iran's military goals; and diplomats led approval from the Department of State headquarters in advance of a meeting with members of the Azeri separation group. The Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presented the memo on 7 January, and warned that meetings with these groups could undermine the efforts of the United States to deal with Tehran. Joey Hood, senior official of the Department of State, has approved the memo, according to the document The Daily Beast reviewed.

But now, the memo is being overcome. The Daily Beast cable, which was sent to U. diplomats on Sunday night, got replaced by the weekly guide.

“Jobs should welcome opportunities to meet and learn from members of the Iranian diaspora community,” said the cable, which explicitly stated “that it takes“ instead ”of the atmosphere January 7.“ After 40 years of fighting and violence at the hands of the Ayatollahs, the Iranian people 's pride in their history has not deteriorated and they have no intention of celebrating it against the abuse of Islamic republics.

Rudy Giuliani Former calls Terrorists Iran ‘My People’

The cable continued to say that US diplomats should consider hosting diaspora members for “Persian cultural occasions,” while saying that Iran's opposition groups do not have all the interests and objectives with US policy priorities.

“While the Iranian people have to decide on the course of their future nation, the United States will continue to uphold them and their echoes of justice and accountability,” the cable said.

While the new MEK memorandum or other groups were not mentioned, he said that diplomats should “use good judgment when using invitations or meetings with opposition groups” and should raise issues and concerns with senior State officials. – the apparent revocation of this order only accepts such meetings with the explicit approval of Foggy Bottom. Department of State spokespeople did not respond to requests for views on the cable.

The lawyer welcomed the Trump Rudy Giuliani – who employed the MEK to help him resign from the US list of foreign terrorist groups and recently gave the group “my MEK people” – the recession. “(The MEK) is very supportive of Iraq… for free. It is run by a large woman who is committed to eliminating the prevention of women and Iran's non-nuclear, ”said the president's personal lawyer The Daily Beast. “The invasion of Iraq was a great help to us during the (an) invasion of Iraq.

The MEK is close to several other Trumpworld figures, including Gen Jack Keane retired and former National Security Adviser John Bolton. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, long-time friend Giuliani and former legal partner, is a pro-proise consultant on the political wing of the group.

The group is very controversial. To, among other things, its alleged role regarding three US officials and three other civilian contractors, the MEK found itself on an official list of American government's foreign terrorist organizations. He was also charged with the death of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Randron Corporation 2009 paper described “the near-religious generosity of MEK (its leaders), public self-depreciation sessions, compulsory divorce, loyalty, compulsory separation from family and friends, and gender segregation.” Group rejects and his allies eagerly charge these charges.

The walk came back quickly after the initial memorandum from the State Department came from the Congressional hawk of Iran. One person noticed that the memo went out to diplomats one day after the U. strike which killed Soleimani, and as it was likely that senior political officials in the State Department were tackling Thehran revenge.

“It is a very significant 180 for the State,” said Christian Whiton, who was a senior adviser to the Department under the Presidents of Trump and George W. Bush. “Even if it is diplomatic, it is less common for something to be issued and canceled almost immediately. And I think it shows that the original statement was something that was done at junior level that it had no support or buy in from senior political officials. ”

The second time in recent months was that Hood, the career officer who locked the memo, made the hawk of Knock. In the light of Congress on 4 December, he had a weather exchange with Sen Ted Cruz for funding to the Lebanese government and whether that money went to Hezbollah. A transcript of the hearing shows that Hood laughed in response to a question from Cruz; The adventure left raw nerves.

“The president's policy is undermined when no-one is looking at him,” said Hill's team to meet the member with a stricter policy towards Iran.

Others, at the same time, focused on the reversal as the latest struggle by the Trump administration to clearly explain its conflict position with Iran. A Congressional team of staff working on Iranian policy who liked the reversal noted that it was because the administration had sent mixed messages on the legal basis of the Soleimani strike and the number of embassies threatened by Shiite Militia. Guarani.

“I think there are many war-fog messages that came out,” said the staffman, who spoke anonymously to discuss the sensitive matter. “I think there's still a lot of war fog.”

The reversal of the Department of State, as shown in the cable, is due to the fact that Pompeo and other US officials, including the Defense Secretary Mark Esper, are having difficulty in getting the next steps in the US. after Soleimani has been killed and their accounts prepared in respect of the information which initiated that strike.

For years, the administration of the Trump kept a “top-pressure” campaign, balancing serious sanctions on Iran's economy in an attempt to reopen talks with Tehran on nuclear dealing. From the Soleimani strike, Trump's administrative officers have difficulties in defining Iran's policy. Some have said that there was always a military choice among the maximum pressure campaign. Others say that the United States has long been told by the United States that there would be military consequences if Tehran killed Americans.

Now, apparently, the Department of State is changing its thinking on how to tackle Iran's diplomatic level after a Soleimani strike. In the immediate aftermath of assimilation, US officials, in an attempt to de-escalate, described the striking as a caution and argued that America was still interested in working with Iran on conversations about it. nuclear discussion. t The United States special representative for Iran appeared on BBC World, saying Soleimani's killing design was to “promote the cause of peace.” Meanwhile, Sunday's cable will add to Iran's administrative factions.

“This reversal has at least two problems,” said Jarrett Blanc, Obama's former administrative officer who worked on Iran's policy. “The first is that the policy is wrong. MS diplomats should not be meeting MEK or its affiliates. They are a dangerous cult. We should avoid all the mistakes in the Iraq war, including being locked by purported diaspora opposition without any home connections. The second is that it shows the complete incompetence and disquiet of making this administration policy – sending out guidance and canceling less than a week later. They do not know what they are doing. ”

For many years in the United States, lobbyists and advocates for the MEK acted aggressively, persistently and successfully to the group to remove the Department of State's terror list, a move that was completed in the Obama era. State supporters include retired Democratic figures such as Gen Wesley Clark and Howard Dean, as well as Victoria Toensing solicitors and Joseph diGenova, two informal legal advisors to Trump.

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