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Trump Allies Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone knew that Seth's conspiracy theory was wrong before they promoted it – Slate

Roger Stone looks suspiciously at an interviewer with a microphone.

Roger Stone on July 30, 2017 in Pasadena, California.

Joshua Blanchard / Getty Images

Tuesday's news that Trump affiliate Jerome Corsi sent emails to Roger Stone about the hacked Clinton campaign emails before they were released also revealed another revealing information about the Trump allies: Corsi and Stone Being aware that a conspiracy theory had spread about a murdered member of the Democratic National Committee was wrong

The email sent by Corsi to Stone and published in documents drafted by Attorney Robert Mueller on 2 August 2016 showed that the two individuals privately acknowledged that the democratic records published in WikiLeaks during the 2016 elections Emails received from Russian were stolen by hackers and not by DNC employee Seth Rich, even though they had publicly enforced the conspiracy theory that Rich had been murdered for spilling emails, the Daily Beast noted.

The revelation shows the clear and cruel way in which the two right-wing pandas propagated falsehoods for political gain, even as Rich's parents pleaded with conspiracy theorists to stop discussing their son's murder.

Corsi sent the e-mail to Stone when security experts identified the hackers as Russians. "Time to let more than [the Clinton Campaign chairman] to be exposed in bed if they are unwilling to take HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton]"Wrote Corsi. "That seems to be what the hackers are now."

But in 2017, Corsi would appear in a three-part series for Alex Jones Infowars He explained that the hackers were not behind the e-mail leaks and that instead they could be attributed to Rich, whom he and other conspiracy theorists, portrayed as dissatisfied employees, silenced because they had turned against his group. Before Corsi's appearance at Infowars, Rich's parents had begged him and other right-wing amplifiers to leave them alone to mourn.

Stone also supported the theory and tweeted eight days after receiving Corsi's email that Rich had "links to the DNC raid."

Rich was murdered in July 2016 in Washington. In an early morning police suspected it was a failed robbery. The DNC murder theory quickly caught on in conspiratorial right-wing discussions, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange actively encouraged them. The theory came into the mainstream when Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman, who allegedly worked with a wealthy former Morgan Stanley boss to write the story of Rich's murder, published a report on the Fox News website in May 2017 published. and Fox News later withdrew the story without apology or explanation. Since then, Corsi has continued to push the theory that is still spreading in some right corners of the Internet.


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