Trump and Kim Jong-un arrive in Singapore

Trump and Kim Jong-un arrive in Singapore

The plane of the US President Air Force One landed at the airfield of the Singapore base Paia Lebar on the afternoon of Sunday, June 10. From there, President Donald Trump with diplomatic officers and security guards, went to the Shangri-La Hotel, located 750 meters from the Hotel St. Regis, where the leader of the DPRK had already stopped Kim Jong Eun.

The Singapore newspaper The Straits Times published photographs of the US presidential cortege, which was traveling from base to hotel. Black SUVs accompanied an armored limousine, and the streets were blocked.
Security of the summit is provided by about 23 thousand Singaporean security forces: in addition to policemen, a meeting of the leaders of the United States and North Korea is guarded by the military armies of Singapore, private security firms and Gurkha soldiers from Nepal.
Meeting Trump and Kim Jong-un is scheduled for Monday, June 12, at 4 am Moscow time. The summit will be held at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island and is unlikely to last more than a day. Previously Reuters with reference to the sources, said that Kim Jong-un’s plane must fly out of Singapore on the same day.
Prior to his departure from Canada, where he was on a busy G-7 summit, US President Donald Trump said that he was going to a meeting with Kim “full of self-confidence and gloriously prepared.” The American leader suggested that the head of the DPRK wants to take advantage of “the only opportunity to do something positive for his people, his family and himself.”
Trump stressed that Washington will remain vigilant and rely on its allies and partners in the region: South Korea, Japan and the People’s Republic of China. According to him, Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul fully support the summit in Singapore.
At the same time, before the general meeting of the leaders of the five states, Trump wants to meet with Kim tete-a-tet: along with the leaders of the DPRK and the United States, only translators will be present in the room.
The airplane of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-Yin landed at the Singapore airport six hours ahead of Trump’s board: on Sunday morning Air China was already on the island. Leaving the gangway, the North Korean leader met with Singaporean Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, about which the head MFA Singapore wrote in his tweet. The politicians greeted each other with a handshake, after which the motor ship Kim Jong-un went to the fashionable St.Petersburg hotel. Regis, located in the Tanglin area in the southern part of the city-state.

Armored limousine Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Kim Jong-no accompanied an escort of 20 motorcyclists, as well as two dozen diplomatic and police cars. Near the front entrance to the hotel, the motorcade disappeared behind a large protective screen, installed directly on the street. Movement on the road at this point was blocked, but after the police removed the outer cordon.

Before the North Korean leader’s motorcade. Regis arrived a bus with personal protection Kim Jong-un – about fifty officers of the North Korean security service, who checked the hotel for various threats.
Singapore has allocated about 20 million Singapore dollars for the American-North Korean summit (about $ 15 million – “Gazeta.Ru”). Prime Minister Li Xian Lun, with whom Kim Jong-un met after his arrival, said that the adoption of the DPRK-US summit would strengthen Singapore’s international standing and prominence throughout the world.
Li Xian Lun noted that Singapore did not offer to hold a summit, the authorities of the island republic turned to Americans and North Koreans. After that, “they could not refuse” and decided to do a good job; The costs of its implementation should be paid off by the development of international relations, in which Singapore is interested.

To realize the full denuclearization within the framework of the North Korean nuclear program, it is likely that several more summits will be needed, writes The Associated Press .
US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may face great difficulties if they intend to conclude a deal without other participants. It is noted that such an outcome of events can lead not to the establishment of peace, but to a global catastrophe.

The AP says that Trump may find the rapid conclusion of a peace treaty as “a pretty painless way to the Nobel Peace Prize.” Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un’s motivation may be to withdraw American troops from the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, and in the long term, to soften the US sanctions against North Korea.
Despite assumptions about motivations from the US and North Korea, both countries are ready to conclude a peace treaty that would actually put an end to the Korean crisis.
However, South Korea and China may not be sufficient to conclude a peace treaty. AP notes that the conclusion of such a peace treaty, which would be legally binding, in June Singapore is “unlikely.”

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