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Trump and Obama congratulate Tiger Woods on winning the Augusta Masters

At the age of 43, Tigger Woods won the Augusta Masters in the United States on April 14, 2019. – Atlanta Journal-Constitution / TNS / SIPA

The reactions quickly congratulated Tiger Woods after his sweeping Sunday win at the Masters of Augusta. US President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama are among the biggest supporters of the golfer.

"Congratulations to Tiger Woods, really a great champion," tweeted Donald Trump, who played
Golf with Woods this year. "What a fantastic comeback for a really great guy," he added.

"Go back and win the Masters after all the ups and downs – a symbol of excellence, courage and determination," Obama said on his Twitter account.

Serena Williams in tears in front of Tiger Woods

After eleven years of waiting, four setbacks and many doubts, Tiger Woods, at the age of 43, signed one of the greatest achievements in golf history and won the Augusta Masters on Sunday. STATES.

American tennis player Serena Williams, who has won 23 grand slams in her career, said she literally burst into tears in front of Tiger Woods. "Knowing everything you physically lived to return and doing what you did today? Bravo Bravo a million times! I'm so excited, thanks buddy," she added.

"The tiger is back"

For Magic Johnson, a former NBA star, "is the tiger's roar back! He wrote on his Twitter account.

"Congratulations Tiger, what a performance," said Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, winner of the Super Bowl for the sixth time this year.




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