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Trump announces big raids against illegal immigrants

DUS President Donald Trump has announced nationwide raids on unregistered migrants this weekend. The immigration office ICE will start on Sunday, said Trump on Friday in the White House. "They will get people out and send them back to their countries."

The focus of the authorities was on immigrants convicted of crimes, such as members of criminal gangs. They would either be deported or arrested in the United States. But even migrants who were guilty of nothing other than illegal border crossings were targets of the raids.

According to media reports, the raids will focus on the ten largest cities in the United States, targeting people whose deportation has already been ordered by the courts. For example, they could meet families who have been living in America for many years, who have businesses and property, and whose children were born in the United States.

Deportation orders against one million migrants

The opposition Democrats and human rights organizations criticized the planned raids. This would "frighten children and disrupt families," said Democratic House Chair Nancy Pelosi.

According to the Institute's Pew Research Center, about 10.5 million people live in America without residence papers. Two-thirds of them have been in the country for more than ten years. According to the Immigration Department, there are deportation orders against about a million migrants.


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