Trump believes the US economy will experience a “spectacular” recovery

TDespite the devastating damage caused by the corona crisis, US President Donald Trump expects the US economy to recover rapidly this year. The third, but especially the fourth, quarter would be “spectacular” in terms of gross domestic product, Trump announced on Monday evening at a press conference in the rose garden of the White House. The coming year will also be “phenomenal”. Trump pushed for the US economy to reopen soon – this must be “quick but secure”.

Trump’s economic advisor Kevin Hassett said on Monday on CNBC that in the second quarter, Americans would have to be prepared for the economy to shrink by 20 to 30 percent – the largest since the global economic crisis that began in the late 1920s. In the first week of May, the unemployment rate could rise to 16 to 17 percent. In February it was still at 3.5 percent, the lowest level in decades. As a result of the corona pandemic, more than 26 million people have lost their jobs in the United States.

Referring to the Americans, Trump said: “With the help of 325 million people, I have built the largest economy in the history of the world.” except for one country can be held accountable for what happened. ”Trump blames China for the worldwide spread of the corona virus and has already threatened the consequences. On Monday, Trump said there were many ways that China could be held accountable.

“Tests won’t be a problem”

Trump announced that testing capacity in the United States would dramatically expand in the coming days. “We want to open up our country,” he said. “Testing won’t be a problem at all.” Trump’s government has been criticized for weeks for lack of testing. Expanding capacities is a prerequisite for Trump’s gradual reopening of the economy.

Vice President Mike Pence said 5.4 million corona virus tests have been performed to date. One is almost at the desired capacity. The government believes there are enough tests to help states enter the first phase of easing protection measures.

Trump introduced guidelines in mid-April to help the states return to normal in three phases in the corona crisis. Before entering each of the phases, they should meet a number of requirements. Among other things, the states are expected to record a decline in the number of infections detected over a 14-day period. Several states have announced a relaxation of protective measures, including the important state of Texas on Monday.


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