Trump, between two fires


Attacks of Comey, search of his lawyer: to a week of the state visit of Macron, Trump is in turmoil.

Of all the bird names that Donald Trump donned James Comey , it’s probably the most vulgar: “Untruthfull slime ball”. “Insincere scum” … The world release, Wednesday, of Lies and truths (Flammarion), the memories of the former boss of the FBI, dismissed unceremoniously a year ago, has provoked in recent days a new series of wrathful tweets of the President of the United States. While welcoming Emmanuel Macron for a very official three-day state visit from 23 to 25 April, the tenant of the White House could have his head elsewhere. The French head of state should not touch the billionaire what causes his irrepressible anger on social networks. But the investigation into the alleged collusion between members of the entourage of the Trump candidate and the Kremlin, accused by the US intelligence services of manipulating the last presidential, sticks to the real estate mogul like the plaster to the captain Haddock. Impossible to get rid of it! READ ALSO >> Russian investigation: how Trump and Republicans try to neutralize the FBI In his book, James Comey claims that the president demanded his personal “loyalty”, in a way that he equates to mafia allegiances. He confirms what he has already said before the Congress, namely that Trump asked him in February 2017 to drop the inquiry into his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who had just resigned. The former general admitted to lying about his contacts with Russian officials. In her memoirs, Comey reveals nothing new in relation to the hearings that followed her dismissal. But he gives more details. He describes Trump’s obsession with the Russian inquiry, especially the report of a former British spy mentioning the use of Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel in 2013. “These things have never happened,” replies the president. But some see the key to a possible blackmail of the Kremlin against the tenant of the White House. A president “morally unfit” Comey also gives the substance of his thoughts about his former superior. In the promotional interview given to the ABC channel, he declares him “morally unfit to be president”. A judgment that he corroborates, among others, by his relationship with women and his incessant freedoms with the most obvious truths. US President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, leaves the federal court on April 16, 2018 in New York. MUNOZ ALVAREZ Trump has something to fear from Comey? No, a priori: it is his word against that of the former boss of the FBI. Nothing that threatens his presidency. This is not the case for a more embarrassing case: the search of the offices and the home of Michael Cohen, his lawyer specializing in litigation. To put it another way, the one responsible for catching up on his escapades and burying the scandals. “A HUNT TO WITCHES TOTAL !!!” the president responded by learning the search. “It’s a shame! A real shame! It’s an attack on our country,” he added to the cameras, during a preparatory meeting with his generals, recent strikes in Syria. Michael Cohen admitted that in October 2016, just a few days before the presidential election, he paid $ 130,000 to Pornstar Stormy Daniels so that she remains silent about an alleged sexual relationship with Donald Trump dating from 2006. The lawyer is suspected of bank fraud and violation of election financing rules. The Manhattan federal prosecutor’s office has gotten hold of Cohen’s working notes, as well as sound recordings. Potentially explosive “equipment” for the president. Its legal representatives have attempted to oppose the Crown’s confidentiality of correspondence between a lawyer and his client. Without success. The law provides that these exchanges can be exploited if they have made it possible to commit a crime or an offense. Robert Mueller on an ejection seat Justice must decide, in the coming days, how the documents are sorted, in order to determine those that could be exploited by the investigators. The latter were alerted by the Special Prosecutor’s team Robert Mueller , the man appointed by the Justice Department, after the sacking of James Comey, to investigate allegations of collusion between Trump’s teams and the Kremlin during the campaign. Except for some charges, the progress of the “Russian investigation” remains mysterious. The White House hinted last week that the president could dismiss at any time the former boss of the FBI (2001-2013). But elected officials from both sides have made a casus belli. Since the 2016 presidential campaign, James Comey has lost a lot of political support: many blame him for his very public management of the Hillary Clinton investigation, and his illegal use of a private server for his secretary of state mails, a few days of the poll. Robert Mueller has an impeccable reputation. And his dismissal would not be without consequence. Donald Trump has not finished spreading his frustration on Twitter.


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