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WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 – RIA News. US President Donald Trump called the preliminary results of the midterm congressional elections "a tremendous success."

US midterm elections

Interim Congressional Elections. 06.11.2018
The media talked about spending on campaigns during the midterm elections in the US

Voting took place on Tuesday. Elections are called intermediate because they are held in the middle of the term of the current president. Democratic opposition hopes to take control of at least one of the two chambers of congress from Republicans. If this happens, the Democrats will be able to block most of the legislative initiatives of the Trump administration and put pressure on the White House.

During the elections for two years, the entire composition of the House of Representatives (435 deputies), as well as 35 out of 100 senators, will be re-elected, of which only eight seats were previously held by Republicans.

At the same time, the Republicans have a majority of 51 seats in the senate and will retain a working majority even with the loss of one seat: with a 50-50 balance, Vice President Mike Pence will be able to vote by virtue of his position as Chairman of the Senate. Democrats need at least 51 votes to gain control over the senate.

Interim US Congress Elections
This time alone, without the Kremlin. In the United States did not find interference in the elections

In addition, governors were elected in dozens of states.

US media forecasts

US media predict the victory of the Republican Party in the Senate. According to the NBC forecast, they will take 52 seats. A similar forecast gives channel ABC.

At the same time, the victory in the House of Representatives is predicted to the Democrats. In particular, the CNN television channel believes that they will get 238 seats, and the Republicans – 197. In turn, the NBC television channel believes that the Democrats will take 229 seats, and their opponents – 206. For control of the House of Representatives, you need to get at least 218 votes.

Interim Congressional Elections. 06.11.2018
Russian observer told how the vote goes in the US

The forecast is based on the calculation of the preliminary results of the voting; there is no official data yet. The general victory of the Democratic Party in the elections to the House of Representatives was previously predicted by several leading US media outlets. This success will be the first for the Democrats since 2008, when they won the House, taking 257 seats.

Leading television channels and the Associated Press news agency predict winners in individual states before the end of the counting of votes, based on their methods of statistical processing of partial results. These forecasts are not official, but enjoy considerable prestige and in most cases coincide with the final result.



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