But Mr. Trump's supporters continued to cheer him on and hugged a leader they said should finally defend themselves against the elites and protect the country against outsiders. Advisor to the president said his enemies would take his campaign language too literally; As disgusting as it may be, it is more entertainment to create a mass reaction.

"The Republican challenge in a mid-term election, if you control everything, is a lot of your voters complacent," said Marc Short, a former White House lawmaker under Mr. Trump. "Trump has the challenge of making my people, who may not love Republicans in Congress, turn out to be proving there is evidence that he's making progress."

Asked by reporters on Monday about whether the elections were so much about his leadership style, the president said, "I do not think so, but I mean, I'm ready to accept that."

He made no attempt to distance himself from the harshness of his campaign, including one he produced that was considered racist and ultimately rejected by several networks, including his favorite Fox News, which was considered too offensive. "Many things are offensive," Mr. Trump said. "Your questions are often offensive."

However, in an interview later in the day, Mr. Trump expressed regret over the tenor of his two years in office. "I would like a much softer tone," he told Sinclair Broadcasting, writing his unrestrained style of desire to get things done.

He suggested that he change after the split time. "I'd like to get along, and I think many things can happen after the election," he said. "But now they are in their mode and we are in our mode. And when you get criticized, you have to fight back or you should. "


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