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Trump confirms the shipment of 1,000 soldiers to Poland

The president of the USA, Donald Trump, announced the next deployment of 1,000 more American soldiers in Poland to face Russia, but called for a rapprochement between Warsaw and Moscow while his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, flatly denounced Russian "imperialism".

During a meeting in the White House, Trump and Duda showed unity in all but one of the issues: the controversial judicial reform presented last year in Poland, which has been censored by the European Union (EU) because it would force the exit of part of the judges of the Polish Supreme Court.

A theme separates them

Although he assured that he is not "worried" about a possible decline of democracy In Poland, Trump responded with a sharp "no" to the question, during a press conference, of whether he supports Duda's attempts to provoke the departure of some judges of the Supreme Court.

The Polish president then replied that the issue is "complex", but that the reform sought to remove from office some of the judges who made a career in the "communist party" of the country, and ensured that "freedom of expression is absolutely respected" in Poland and there are no notable democratic problems.

Defense agreement

That was the only blip in Duda's visit, destined to close a defense agreement by which the US will add 1,000 more troops to the 4,500 already held in Poland on a rotating basis, and Warsaw will buy 32 F-35 fighter jets Americans

"Poland will provide the base and infrastructure to support the military presence of about 1,000 American soldiers. The Polish government will build these projects without the United States having to bear costs, "Trump said at the press conference.

The president had explained, shortly before, that these troops will be extracted from those that the US already has destined in Germany, so it will not be necessary to send new soldiers from US territory.

The "Fuerte Trump & rdquor;

The Polish Government is trying to get a bigger US military presence in Poland since the nationalist Andrzej Doubt He came to power in 2015, and last year he even proposed the construction of a large US military base under the name of "Fort Trump."

Asked about it, Trump said that both the possible construction of the base and his name depend on Poland, but he assured that the American troops they will stay in a "magnificent facilities". NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Trump's announcement in a tweet, saying that the increase in US troops "demonstrates his strong commitment to the security of Europe."

The deployment is a clear response to Rusia, and Duda had very hard words for Moscow at the joint press conference. "We would like Russia to be our friend, but unfortunately, Russia is showing its unkind, unpleasant and imperialist face again, and we do not want to be part of the Russian sphere of influence," the Polish president said.

Trump, on the other hand, followed his usual line of measuring his criticism of Moscow, and hoped that a rapprochement between Duda and the government of the Russian president would be possible, Vladimir Putin. "I hope that Poland can have a great relationship with Russia, I think it's possible, I really believe it," the president said.

Strengthen the bilateral relationship

But Trump also resumed his criticism of Nordstream gas pipeline 2, which will directly unite Russia and Germany, and did not rule out imposing sanctions to block its construction. "We are evaluating it (imposing sanctions) People have the right to do what they want to do, (but) it's something I've been thinking about, and it's me who raised the problem of the pipeline," he said.

Trump also said he is thinking "very seriously" about visiting Poland this year, and explained that both governments signed a "crime prevention agreement" which promises to pave the way for the European country to enter the US visa waiver program soon.

In addition, to thank for the military purchase of the Poles, the White House He organized an unprecedented maneuver in recent decades, in which an F-35 fighter aircraft flew over the presidential residence to the delight of Trump and Duda, who watched him and his wives from the garden.

The visit concluded with an evening reception at the White House, in which Duda did not hesitate to predict Trump's re-election next year. "This first term of his presidency will be the introduction to his second term," Duda told Trump.

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