Trump describes Pelosi with an obscene word.. and this is what he said about his candidacy for the presidency

Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – Former US President Donald Trump described House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a profanity in his closing speech ahead of the country’s midterm elections.

Commenting on an incident involving a gangster in America, Trump said: “He hit him on the head with a baseball bat and stabbed him 32 brutally. It was an animal,” he said.

And the former US president continued, saying: “Nancy Pelosi said, please don’t describe them as animals, they are human beings, so I said no, they are animals, because I think they are animals as well,” as he described.

Trump has not announced his candidacy for the next presidential election, but said he will announce something important on Tuesday: “I’m going to announce something very big Tuesday, November 15 in Mar-a-Lago, we don’t want anything to distract us from the importance of tomorrow.”

The US president did not reveal the nature of the announcement, but his aides told CNN that he was persuaded by a surprise announcement to his allies and family.