Trump explained the resignation of Tillerson as head The State Department

Trump explained the resignation of Tillerson as head
 The State Department

According to the American president, he and Rex Tillerson had disagreements because of the difference in the way they think. With the new head of the State Department, Trump stressed, he gets on well from day one

Donald Trump (Photo by Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

President of the United States Donald Trump on the air of CBS News commented on the resignation of Rex Tillerson as the head of the US State Department, admitting that they had disagreements, including on the deal with Iran.

“Rex [Tillerson] and I have talked about this [dismissal] for a long time. We got along very well, but we had disagreements, “Trump said.

“We thought differently,” the president said, explaining that he had in mind “a different way of thinking.” According to Trump, with Pompeo he has a “similar way of thinking.” “From the first day I got along well with Pompeo,” Trump said. “I think that Rex will be much happier now,” he added.

Trump also expressed the hope that Pompeo would become a “great secretary of state.” “As for Rex Tillerson, I really appreciate his dedication and the work he has done, and I wish him all the best,” the American leader said.

On Tuesday, March 13, Trump announced the resignation of Tillerson from the post of US Secretary of State. His place will be occupied by the head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo. The latter as director of the intelligence department will be replaced by Gene Haspel, who will be the first woman in the history of the United States to take up this post.

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The fact that Trump and Tillerson have disagreements on various issues was previously repeatedly reported with reference to sources in the White House. In December, the State Department officially recognized that the contradictions between the president and the secretary of state do exist . At the same time, State Department spokesman Heather Neuert noted that these differences will not prevent Tillerson from continuing his work. These contradictions do not affect the personal relationship between the president and the secretary of state, who have “cordial relations,” then stressed Neuerert.

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