Trump extended sanctions against Iran

Trump extended sanctions against Iran

President of the United States Donald Trump extended one more year sanctions against Iran, introduced in connection with the development of ballistic missiles, “support for international terrorism” and human rights violations. This is stated in the notice to site The White House.

According to Trump, these actions of Tehran “still create an unusual and extreme threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States.”

Also, the American president recalled that in July 2015 an agreement was reached on the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (CAPA). This agreement is intended to guarantee the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program. In January 2016, Washington withdrew sanctions from Iran, because of these developments. “Although these measures represent a significant change in our sanctions policy, comprehensive non-nuclear sanctions against Iran remain in force,” Trump said.

On March 5, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif declared that the US and European countries violate the terms of the nuclear deal. According to him, first of all, Washington’s policy is to blame for this. It is the US, according to Zarif, pushing the Europeans to continue pressure on Tehran. March 12 portal Axios referring to two senior Israeli officials reported that Britain, Germany and France, which concluded an agreement with the United States, Russia, China and Iran on the Iranian nuclear program, suggested that Donald Trump introduce “cosmetic changes” into this document.

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