Trump gets the height of Bloomberg and he calls him ‘crazy clown’

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New York, USA.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, returned to the stature of the former mayor of New York and candidate in the Democratic primary, Mike Bloomberg, who in turn called him “crazy clown carnival“, a new rifirrafe that places Bloomberg in the democrat with whom Trump more rivals

In his rampant use of Twitter, Trump said Wednesday in a message: “Mini Mike it is a mass of dead energy of a meter and a half that does not want to be on the stage of debate with these professional politicians. “

“He hates the madman of Bernie and, with enough money, he will possibly stop him. The people of Bernie will go crazy!” U.S.

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Trump called Bloomberg “a loser who has money but cannot debate and has zero presence.”

“It reminds me of a small version of Jeb Bush, but Jeb has more political ability and has treated the black community much better than Mini!” Trump said, resurfacing his attack on Bush since the last campaign and pointing out comments that Bloomberg he did years ago in defense of his “stop and search” police policy on NY, which was baited with blacks and Latinos and of which the former mayor apologized recently.

Bloomberg responded on Twitter, saying that he and Trump “know many of the same people in New York.” “Behind you they laugh at you and call you a crazy carnival clown,” Bloomberg continued.

“They know he inherited a fortune and wasted it with stupid treatment and incompetence. I have the history and resources to defeat it. And I will,” he settled.

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However, Bloomberg mentioned the comments of Trump during a campaign event in North Carolina: “Someone said, you know, that he is tall and that he calls me little Mike, and the answer is, Donald, where I come from we measure your height from the neck up.”

He added: “I am not afraid of Donald Trump. Donald Trump he is afraid of us, and that’s why he keeps tweeting all the time. “

“If he doesn’t mention you, you have a big problem,” he continued. “But the president attacked me again this morning on Twitter. Thank you very much, Donald. He sees our survey numbers, and I think it’s fair to say he’s scared because he knows I have the track record and resources to defeat him, and with you, with you together, we can do it. “



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