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Trump government: resignation of Minister Nielsen – politics

  • In her responsibility lies the border policy: Kirstjen Nielsen resigns as Minister of Homeland Security.
  • The successor will be the former chairman of the border police McAleenan.
  • President Trump is said to be unhappy with Nielsen's work and the situation on the southern US border for quite some time. A wall to Mexico was his biggest election promise.

US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen leaves her post in the administration of President Donald Trump. That announced Trump on Sunday on Twitter, One reason for the surprising departure of the minister, he did not name.

The President thanked Nielsen for her work and announced that the office should be provisionally led by Kevin McAleenan. He is currently Chairman of the Border Guard CBP.

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Nielsen tweeted a little later a picture of her resignation letter to Trump. The 46-year-old thanked her "brave and dedicated" ministry staff and US President "for the opportunity to serve in his government."

A few months ago, there had been speculation that Trump was dissatisfied with the work of Nielsen, whose role as Minister is border policy. The Republican had allegedly accused her of not being able to handle the situation on the border. Trump, whose main campaign promise was to build a wall on the border with Mexico, has suffered several defeats in his immigration policy.

Her letter of resignation states that Nielsen hopes her successor will have "the full backing of Congress and Justice" to "repair the laws that have hitherto made it difficult to fully secure America's borders and disunity in our discourse Contributed to the country. " Two anonymous sources have told the news agency AP that Nielsen had wanted to talk to Trump after their trip to the border with Mexico last week. She was therefore frustrated by the difficulties of getting other departments to work together.

In recent months, the number of people crossing the border illegally has increased. The New York Times writes that Trump blamed Nielsen for that.

The station CBS News reported, citing government circles, Nielsen's departure was part of a staff restructuring in the Department of Homeland Security, which goes back to Trump's advisor Stephen Miller. Miller is considered a hardliner in immigration policy and one of the architects of Trump's course.

In Trump's two years as president, there have been numerous resignations and dismissals. For example, the important post of Minister of Defense is only provisionally directed because former incumbent James Mattis resigned in December.

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