Trump hints that he could leave the daily press conferences because “it’s not worth the time and effort”

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Updated:04/26/2020 19:12


United States President Donald Trump has announced that he will stop appearing daily to report the coronavirus epidemic because “Not worth the time and effort”. Analysts attribute the decision to the fact that his advisers have warned him that so much exposure hurts his campaign for presidential reelection.

“What is the point of White House press conferences when the failed media outlets ask nothing but hostile questions and then refuse to report the truth or the facts accurately? They have record records and Americans get nothing but fake news. It is not worth the time and effort !! ”, Trump explained through his personal Twitter account.

Trump has been appearing almost daily in the White House to explain the coronavirus situation, but this Saturday he has not come out to the press room. In recent weeks, his appearances have been marked by controversial statements such as those on Thursday, in which he speculated that the ingestion or injection of disinfectants or bleach could help fight the virus.

Previously coronavirus-trump-hidroxicloroquina-inyectar-desinfectante-202004241451_noticia.html” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>He had advocated receiving sunlight or using antimalarials against COVID-19, which caused the White House experts themselves to have to deal with these errors after the scorn generated. Trump himself tried to qualify that his comments were sarcastic, but the recorded video denies it.

On Friday the appearance was already shorter than usualOnly 22 minutes, and in addition Trump did not accept questions from the press, in what has been understood as an acknowledgment that on Thursday he was wrong with his claims about bleach and disinfectant.

“I told him it doesn’t help him,” one of his advisers explained to Axios. “Senior officials are afraid and the show he gives fighting with the press It is not what people want to see, “he added. However, Trump would have resisted putting an end to these press conferences because he believes that they give him an opportunity to get good television audiences.



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