The White House holds against twelve Russian intelligence officials despite the US indictment because of hacker attacks during the presidential election campaign at the summit meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trumps Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in Washington on Friday that the eagerly awaited meeting on Monday in Helsinki will take place as planned. Previously, several congressmen, including the Democrat Chuck Schumer, had called for a summit rejection. The US judiciary has charged the employees of the Russian military intelligence service GRU with the hacker attacks during the US presidential campaign in 2016. They are accused, among other things, of having stolen e-mails and documents from Democratic Party computers and the election campaign of their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to the indictment published on Friday. The Russian agents also organized the schedule of publication of the internal materials. The aim was to achieve the greatest possible “impact on the election,” said Vice Minister of Justice Rod Rosenstein. The cyber attacks had brought to light politically sensitive internal e-mail traffic, which was extremely unpleasant for Clinton in the election campaign. Answer the questions and join the action ” Germany speaks “! The charges are based on investigations by special investigator Robert Mueller, who has been investigating alleged Russian interventions in the election campaign and possible involvement of today’s President Donald Trump in these interventions. However, the charges now being brought against the twelve Russian intelligence officials contain no indication that they may have been in contact with Trump employees. (AFP)


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