News Trump Impeachment: Live Updates

Trump Impeachment: Live Updates


Within the Seanad, McConnell set out the start of the trial.

There were more than two dozen democrats, only two Republicans – Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, and Senator Kevin Cramer from North Dakota – in the Senate room, awaiting the arrival of managers and their articles. Senator Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican and president of the Senate pro tempore were in charge.

The managers walked in at 5:34 pm, with the Representative Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, in charge, and later the Representative Adam B. Schiff and others. They stood, clasped hands, behind the corner of the room.

"Mr President, a message from the House of Representatives," announced the House clerk, before announcing the vote accepting the articles and appointing the managers. An Seanad official marched towards Mr Grassley. formally delivered goods, and Mr McConnell raised a series of resolutions – agreed with the consent of both parties – to govern the opening days of the trial, which will begin seriously on Tuesday.

“This is a difficult time for our country, but this is the kind of time created by the framers of the Seanad,” said Mr McConnell. “I am confident that this body can rise above the short-term fever and drug fever and serve the long-term interests of our nation. We can do this and we have. ”

The articles reached the Seanad.

The managers arrived on the ornate entrance to the Senate, which has pictures of senators on both sides: William B. Allison, who represented Iowa from 1873 to 1908, and Joseph T. Robinson, who represented Arkansas from 1913 to 1937.

After a solemn march from the other side of the Capitol, the managers stopped briefly before entering the Seanad room.

When the majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell finished his statements, the managers left them quickly.

The protected articles were signed and certified.

Credit …Anna Moneymaker / The New York Times

Speaker Nancy Pelosi from California signed the articles for a “concentration” ceremony, before the seven makers nominated as migration managers walked across the Capitol to the Seanad.

Under a portrait of George Washington in the majestic Rayburn Room in the Capitol, Ms. Pelosi the documents. Cheryl L. Johnson, Clerk of the House, confirmed the documents, which are formally called a resolution inquiry.

Mr Pelosi was accompanied by the committee leaders who supervised the inquiry into determination and safety managers as, “in the words of the speaker,“ they were happy to cross a very important portal in American history. ”

“Today we will make history,” said Ms. Pelosi, while composing the protective articles as a defense to the Constitution. “As we make that history, we are making progress for the people of America.”

Mr Pelosi was in charge of these legal manufacturers using a number of pens to sign the resolution. Before the ceremony to start shortly after 5:15 p.m., made careful adjustment adjustments to the blue tablecloth in which the documents were signed. Signal to the hashtag of the spot warnings – #DefendOurDemocracy – hung on the face of the board.

Some law makers, including the Madeleine Dean Representatives and Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania, and Jackie Speier of California, lined the walls to watch the ceremony. (Miss Dean started with photographers to make pictures of the unmarked goods and pens on the silver dishes.)

When she completed a signature, Ms. The pens then pelosi to the legislators who were around her for the ceremony.

Trump's two minds are trial witnesses, Rand Paul said.

Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky and often ally President Trump, said the president had "two minds" on whether he would like to see witnesses at the Senate trial.

“Like many of us,” Mr Paul said about the shared views of the president's witnesses. “I think he feels he has been wrongly charged, and I want to present his point.” T

But he said in an interview that the president also believes that the trial would end quickly. “I think it's hard to satisfy the idea that we can make an offer to put an end to this after opening arguments,” said Mr Paul.

Security was set up in the Capitol halls.

Credit …Doug Mills / The New York Times

A golden curator with maroon velvet ropes was established during the main hall of the Capitol's second floor as the house managers were willing to approach the Seanad to deliver the goods. Journalists – who can freely roam the halls – will be required to stand behind the ropes as the formal procession proceeds.

It is expected that the managers will march with two people from the House room, through the Statuary Hall and Rotunda and go to the Old Seanad Chamber, before they arrive at the Seanad entrance, where they will deliver the articles. .

Just getting to grips with sincerity? This is a press on how the process works.

Explosive evidence. Newspapers in the news media. Trial in the Seanad. This is how the collision works – and how it worked in the past.Image with Photo diagram by Aaron Byrd

President C-SPAN McConnell praised the network's cameras in the Seanad for trial.

Credit …Erin Schaff / The New York Times

C-SPAN's president Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, urged the cable news organization to place one of its cameras inside the Seanad room during the clearing trial.

The Seanad Recording Studio, which operates the employees of the Seanad, currently regulates the permanent cameras in the room. The feed video from these cameras is made available to C-SPAN, but the network does not control where the cameras are mentioned.

In her letter written in December but released on Wednesday, Susan Swain, president and network executive, wrote that the current situation gave viewers a limited view of the Seanad floor debates. She argued that the American community deserved a “more comprehensive view of the Seanad trial. ”

Ms Swain noted that Congress had previously approved C-SPAN cameras inside the House room to cover significant events such as the State Stadium launch.

“The historic trial nature of the Seanad and the intense interest of millions of Americans – and the world – argue a similar approach in the Seanad,” said Ms. Swain in the letter.

It is unlikely that the application will be made. The Seanad defended its cameras and rarely allowed other cameras to enter the room. In a message sent on Wednesday to C-SPAN's Twitter account, the network said, “Seanad leaders say no decision has been made.”

Susan Collins gives credit to herself and three colleagues for voting for witnesses.

Credit …T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times

Senator Susan Collins, a republican Republic of Maine, confirmed on Wednesday that Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, will include a language in the Seanad clearing rules allowing a vote on witnesses or the trial of new documents at President Trump's trial.

Ms Collins, who is facing a tough re-election challenge this year, suggested that she would vote to call witnesses, the Democrats claimed to be crucial in view of the intensification of Mr Trump's clearing inquiry, and that the t Mr. McConnell refused.

Mr McConnell had already indicated his intention to approve such a vote, stating that he would model the resolution governing Mr Trump's trial of the one set by the rules of President Bill Clinton in 1999, in which voting could take place. Witnesses come after opening arguments and questions and answers period.

On Wednesday, Ms Collins said that Mr McConnell agreed that witnesses could be left open because she and three Republican colleagues – Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Alexander's Tennessee Lamar and Mitt Romney from Utah – were satisfied. held a series of private meetings.

“It is important that we have an up-to-date vote on the declaration of witnesses and documents, and I have worked hard to take this into account, with all the colleagues I mentioned, in the regulatory resolution, t ”She told reporters in the Capitol.

Ms Collins has been under heavy political pressure on the issue of clearing, and is causing her to suffer from a fair trial. But she said her position is consistent with the position she took 21 years ago when the Senate was attracting fate of Mr Clinton.

“I believe I believe in the oath, and believe in a precedent, which is why I am doing it,” Ms. Collins.

Trump questioned whether House Republicans would be the President's defense team.

Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida, Republican ally and proximity to President Trump, questioned the prospect of any Housekeepers being nominated for the official defense team for the Seanad trial, telling reporters that some The nearest people to Mr Trump were instead, Capitol Hill would act as a “consultant”.

Mr Gaetz also praised the recommendation Mr Pelosi, who nominated executives earlier in the day, called them “Team” and named the Hakeem Jeffries Representative from New York. But he also said that he was confident that Republicans would use their best and brightest in defending the president.

It is likely that a decision not to include some of the President's strictest defenders with some Republican Senators such as John Cornyn of Texas, who urged the president not to allow his defensive team “the circus atmosphere of the House”. . ”

“I think there would be an increased risk of you starting inviting members of the house to come to the Seanad and try the case,” said Mr Cornyn.

Trump officials predicted that the trial would last less than two weeks.

Senior administration officials said on Wednesday The vote of the house to approve the redress managers was far too long and would be “extraordinarily great” for the subsequent Seanad trial, which they painted as an opportunity to “defend” the president, which would build more. longer than two weeks.

The duration of the trial is uncertain, but some leaders from the Seanad predict that it would last between three and five weeks.

On a conference call to reporters held as Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on the floor of the House, senior administrative officers wanted to have confidence, calling them “easy case” and said they did not expect the Senate to hear any Witnesses. They stressed the position of the White House that the House was carrying on clearing goods which did not show any crime or breach of any law.

The officials, who refused to identify themselves for publication, spoke on a so-called background call, which is held regularly so that the administration can offer the White House perspective on Mr Trump's events. They would also not indicate whether or not they would add Home Republican members to the defense defense team, or whether the president's personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, could represent him in the trial.

But they did not say that Witnesses like Hunter Biden and the anonymous whistleblower did not provoke the complaint made by the Democrats to draw witnesses like John R. Bolton, a former national security adviser to the president said he would willing to give evidence.

The officials also suggested that the White House were more likely to try to block Mr Bolton from giving evidence if called as a witness.

One official said that it would be an “extraordinary situation” that Mr Bolton would give evidence of his communications directly to the president about foreign policy issues.

Vote House to send duty to Seanad and nominate managers.

House of Representatives He took his long-awaited action to launch Seanad foster articles against President Trump, voting on Wednesday afternoon to approve the House managers who will act as prosecutors in the case.

The 223-198 vote was partially combined, and only one Democrats were joining all Republicans against opposition, and it established a very partisan trial.

Representative Collin C. Peterson, Democrat of Minnesota, who voted against both impeachment sections last month, was the sole single action.

Pelosi took a swipe by Kevin McCarthy by giving a picture to Giuliani's partners.

Credit …Anna Moneymaker / The New York Times

The Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a flip that wasn't as slim as a Republican leader of the House as she insisted on Wednesday in favor of a final vote on the goods being sent to the Seanad.

During her comments, Ms Pelosi took note of her documents issued the previous day by Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudolph W. Giuliani, the President's lawyer, who provides new data on the pressure campaign on Ukraine which prompted the inquiry into overriding.

Ms. Pelosi the documents and later said that Mr Parnas was “a recent photo with the Republican leader,” referring to Kevin McCarthy's representative from California.

Newsgroups published photos from Tuesday of 2016 of Mr. McCarthy expressing concern to Mr. T Parnas and Igor Fruman, a fellow of Mr Giuliani. Mr Parnas and Mr Fruman have both committed criminal violations of campaign financial laws.

The Tuesday release documents give new data on the efforts of Mr Giuliani and Mr Parnas to put pressure on Ukraine for investigations that would benefit the President of Trump politically and seek the US ambassador.

Pelosi thanked G.O.P. The legal maker for his apologies for his own comments comments about the Democrats.

As Ms Pelosi began her speech on the floor of the House ahead of the vote to approve the clearing managers and to allow the sharp goods to go to the Seanad room, she gave feedback quickly and lowly – and then she sent her comments – the representative of Doug Collins from which Georgia, the best Republicans on the Committee of Judges, made last week during many harsh disputes about the power of President Trump's war in Iran.

Mr Collins insisted that the Democrats were “in love with terrorists,” claiming he later apologized. “Let me be clear: I don't believe the Democrats are in love with terrorists,” he said.

Mr Pelosi told Mr Collins that she was satisfied that he had walked back the “true views”. “Thank you, we accept your apology, Mr Collins,” she said.

Talk and spoke Trump and spoke as the House was wrapped up.

Credit …Pete Marovich for The New York Times

As the safety process began on Capitol Hill, Mr. Trump opportunity to register a program. Leaving from White House for a signing ceremony of the first stage of trade dealings with China, Mr Trump spent the first 30 minutes to read out the name of everyone in the room – and even some people who didn't.

Mr Trump asked, at one point, to refer to Rupert Murdoch in the media, which was not available for the occasion. People close to Mr. Trump had reminded him before the event that the redress events would take place at the same time. He was offering programs, they said.

However, the reminder appeared to be turning on him, and Mr Trump was unable to resist all the material. He denied that the process was a “bad disk” and told Housekeepers of the House attending the event that they could be let out of the town to pick the Capitol against the managers and nominate the charges. to the Seanad.

“I prefer you are voting than sitting here listening to me,” he said. “A toy is going on there – we need to look after it.”

Seanad Republicans issued a rough schedule for the start of the trial.

Credit …Anna Moneymaker / The New York Times

With a small precedent to guide them and a icy relationship between the two chambers, the House and the Seanad have approached this week to precisely state precisely when and when the ceremonial transfer will take place. 39; articles.

Seanad Republicans issued their own new guide on Wednesday morning, although it could change. This is what would be done at the latest, from a Republican leadership aide:

Sé It will be accountable, Pelosi said.

Credit …Erin Schaff / The New York Times

In her news conference announcing the house managers, Ms. Pelosi is still confident of what she said as a “strong case” against the president.

“This is what constitutes the United States Constitution,” she said. “This is the biggest thing. The president violated his oath of office, undermined our national security, jeopardized the integrity of our elections, tried to use the appropriation process as a private ATM machine. ”

She said: “It will be accountable. He was accountable. It is impeached. He is begging forever. They can never be destroyed. ”

Chief Justice Roberts ‘O.K. Boomer wants to highlight his role in the trial.

The Supreme Court could argue Wednesday, about what federal workers must show to create age discrimination, be dry and technical. Instead, it was a vigorous act that gave an insight into the need for Chief Justice John G. Roberts, one who serves him well when he crosses the street to he shall preside over the collision test.

The chief judge, who meets 65 this month, asked if there would be an abusive statement from a supervisor as evidence of age discrimination. Would he "enough?" He would ask, "stick".

When President Bill Clinton's clearance trial was led by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, he spent gold strips on his robes which inspired a light opera. If there is nothing else, Chief Justice Roberts, who is convinced by Bob Dylan, will make a completely different sense of the task.

John Bolton will speak in his book, if he isn't trying the Seanad.

The Seanad continues to discuss whether it will hear the evidence of witnesses from John Bolton, the former national security adviser, who is t He said he would adhere to subpoena during the clearing trial. But he intends to uncover some of the things he has seen about the matter of Ukraine in his forthcoming book, according to those who are familiar with the plan.

Mr Bolton's book, which is to be published by Simon and Schuster, is nearing completion, according to those who are familiar with its plans, and is due to be on sale well this summer for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The book to describe Mr Bolton's time in Trump White House and contribute at least some of the things he saw about Mr Trump's efforts put pressure on Ukrainian officials to announce an investigation on Hunter Biden, son of former Vice-President Joseph R Biden.

The book will describe other global controversies relating to Russia and Venezuela, and Mr Bolton intends to specify his interactions with key figures in Mr Trump's administration. Some officers do not succeed, according to those who are familiar with the plan. These include former US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who suffered the job of Mr Bolton during the administration of President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Mick Mulvaney, chief executive of staff. White House. A spokesperson for Simon and Schuster did not respond to an email seeking comments.

Senators will not be able to check iPhones nor speak among themselves during the trial.

Credit …T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times

On Wednesday, Republican and Democratic Senators announced new restrictions on the movement and transport of lawmakers, staff and members of the public within the Capitol during a trial of President Trump's efforts.

The restrictions on reporters, which revealed Tuesday, were severely drawn criticism from journalists who said that they would inhibit their ability to interact with law-makers in one of the most important constitutional duties.

But the letter from Senators Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, the majority leader, and Chuck Schumer from New York, the Democratic leader, showed that even their own colleagues must change their routine during the clearing trial.

These include: “During the enforcement proceedings, standing on the floor will not be permitted and this requirement will be strictly enforced. Accordingly, all Senators are requested to remain seated at the Seanad floor during the migration events. ”

This is a big change for senators, who can stand in the room to talk to each other about any time they want.

The letter from Mr McConnell and Mr Schumer also suggests that “the staff of the elderly – who are normally allowed to come and go as they wish” – will be “severely restricted”.

Senators who are familiar with their Twitter feeds on their iPhones must temporarily kick this procedure – they will not be allowed to bring electronic devices into the room during the trial. But maybe the biggest change for senators? They are not supposed to speak.

“Senators will only have the opportunity to make a limited speech at the trial,” says the “Decorum Guidelines” document which was sent with the letter. “Members should refrain from speaking to neighboring senators while the case is being presented.” T

The articles will then be finalized at a convention ceremony ceremony on Wednesday.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned President Trump as she introduced the clearing managers for the Seanad trial. Representatives are Adam B. Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, Hakeem Jeffries, Val B. Demings, Jason Crow and Sylvia R. Garcia.Image by Hilary Swift for The New York Times

Find out your conference gloss, which is a complex one. Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House will complete its duty articles Wednesday at 5 pm. in a “concentrated” ceremony, a term that is used even among Congress students.

A concentrated solution is a final official copy of something passed by the House in this case goods seriously. The speaker must sign and certify it with Cheryl L. Johnson, clerk of the House, and any technical modifications must be made. Wednesday is the television channel of the ceremony to do this.

Ms. Pelosi and her managers in the majestic Rayburn Room of Capitol, under a portrait of George Washington, to forward their signatures on the articles to the Senate.

The Congressional Research Service says that the bills are concentrated to be printed on blue paper in the House, rather than a white paper in the Senate or parchment for bills that both rooms agree to be law. But it is not clear whether it is still so if the secret is really as real goods. In this case, the speaker may have full discretion as to the type of paper or parchment on which the articles are displayed.

Pelosi emphasized comfort ’in the courtroom as options for progression managers.

Credit …Erin Schaff / The New York Times

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had appointed the executing managers, she told reporters, to get a feel for the “field” that these lawmakers would have to introduce. Eventually, she decided, “the emphasis is on litigants.”

“The emphasis is on comfort in the courtroom,” said Ms. Pelosi at his morning news conference. “The emphasis is on making the strongest possible case to protect and protect our constitution, to seek the truth for the people of America.” T

Four of the seven managers have direct experience in a courtroom: Representative Bhí Adam B. Schiff as California, ceannaire an ghrúpa, ina ionchúisitheoir cónaidhme ar feadh sé bliana i Los Angeles, agus bhí an tIonadaí Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat Nua-Eabhrac, ina dhlíodóir i gcleachtadh príobháideach. Agus tá taithí dlíthíochta ag an mbeirt fhear úrnua a roghnaíodh don ról. Bhí an t-Ionadaí Jason Crow, Democrat of Colorado, ina dhlíthí príobháideach, agus bhí an tIonadaí Sylvia Garcia, Democrat of Texas, i gceannas ar bhreitheamh chóras cathrach Houston.

Chuir White House cúis le Pelosi a bheith ina luí ar chur síos a dhéanamh ar an bhfiosrúchán maidir le diongbháilteacht mar ‘ríthábhachtach don tslándáil náisiúnta.’

Rinne Stephanie Grisham, rúnaí preasa an Uachtaráin, ráitis a bhí ann roimhe seo ón Uachtarán Trump agus ón Teach Bán a mhaolú, ag rá go raibh “an-sham” agus “neamhdhlisteanach” agus ag cur ina luí ar an gCainteoir Nancy Pelosi ina luí:

“Is é an t-aon rud atá bainte amach ag an gCainteoir Pelosi leis an bpróiseas sásaimh neamhdhlisteanach seo ná a chruthú go bhfuil sí dírithe ar pholaitíocht seachas ar mhuintir Mheiriceá. D'inis an Cainteoir nuair a mhaígh sí go raibh sé seo práinneach agus ríthábhachtach don tslándáil náisiúnta mar nuair a chuaigh na hairteagail ar aghaidh, bhí sí ina n-iarrachtaí ar feadh míosa iomláin chun tacaíocht pholaitiúil a fháil. Theip uirthi agus ní athraíonn ainmniú na mbainisteoirí seo rud amháin. Níl aon rud cearr déanta ag an Uachtarán Trump. Tá sé ag súil go mbeidh na cearta próisis cuí sa Seanad a dhiúltaigh an Cainteoir Pelosi agus na Daonlathaithe Tí dó, agus tá súil aige go n-éireoidh go hiomlán leis. Idir an dá linn, tar éis don Uachtarán Trump síniú a dhéanamh ar Dhéile Trádála stairiúil na Síne a rachaidh chun tairbhe mhuintir na tíre seo, leanfaidh sé ar aghaidh ag obair agus ag duachan do na Meiriceánaigh go léir, agus leanfaidh na Daonlathaigh ag obair i gcoinne an Uachtaráin amháin.

Tar éis comhdháil nuachta Ms Pelosi, chuir an tUasal Trump tweet amháin ar fáil.

Léiríodh na bainisteoirí impeachment.

Creidmheas …Erin Schaff / The New York Times

D'ainmnigh an Cainteoir Nancy Pelosi as California seacht nDaonlathaithe Tí ar an gCéadaoin chun fónamh mar bhainisteoirí ar an gcás diongbháilte i gcoinne an Uachtaráin Trump, ag roghnú foireann ilghnéitheach chun an cás a ionchúiseamh lena chur as oifig sa Seanad.

Mar a bhíothas ag súil leis, na ceannairí is suntasaí san imscrúdú imbhuailte, Ionadaithe Beidh Adam B. Schiff ó California, cathaoirleach an Choiste Faisnéise, agus Jerrold Nadler as Nua Eabhrac, cathaoirleach Choiste na mBreithiúna, mar chuid den ghrúpa.

D'ainmnigh an tUasal Pelosi Ionadaithe Zoe Lofgren as California, Hakeem Jeffries as Nua Eabhrac, Val B. Demings de Florida, Jason Crow ó Colorado agus Sylvia R. Garcia de Texas. Is baill den chéad téarma iad an tUas. Crow agus Ms. Garcia.

Fónfaidh an grúpa mar aghaidh phoiblí an phróisis imbhuailte ag tosú láithreach. Táthar ag súil go ndéanfaidh siad an dá alt imshuite chuig seomra an tSeanaid déanach tráthnóna Dé Céadaoin. Chomh luath agus a thugann an Seanad le fios go bhfuil sé réidh le dul ar aghaidh leis an triail, chomh luath agus is Déardaoin, trasnóidh na bainisteoirí an Capitol arís eile, ag dul isteach sa Seanad go maith chun na héilimh a bhaineann le mí-úsáid cumhachta agus cosc ​​na Comhdhála a léamh os ard. Agus is iad sin na cinn a dhéanfaidh argóintí oscailte sa chás i gcoinne an uachtarán ag tús na trialach – ach an tríú cuid dá leithéid i stair Mheiriceá – is dócha go dtosóidh sé an tseachtain seo chugainn.

Ar an gcéad dul síos, tá vóta luath tráthnóna leagtha amach ag ceannairí tithe chun na bainisteoirí a cheapadh go foirmiúil agus na hairteagail a tharchur chuig an Seanad.

The team, announced by Ms. Pelosi at a morning news conference, is smaller and far more diverse than the 13 white men chosen by Republicans in 1998 to prosecute President Bill Clinton during his Senate impeachment trial.

Documents from a Giuliani associate put new pressure on Republicans to hear evidence and testimony.

Documents released Tuesday by the House reveal new details about President Trump’s pressure campaign on Ukraine, increasing calls on Senate Republicans to subpoena additional documents and witnesses on the eve of the impeachment trial.

The documents were delivered to the House by Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer. They include letters, notes and text messages that link Mr. Trump more closely to the efforts to get Ukraine to announce investigations into the president’s political rivals.

And there are more revelations to come from Mr. Parnas. An official working on the impeachment inquiry said Tuesday that the House anticipated releasing additional tranches of material produced by Mr. Parnas.

Among the items disclosed Tuesday were notes scrawled on a sheet of paper from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Vienna saying: “Get Zelensky to announce that the Biden case will be investigated,” a reference to the effort to convince President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine to announce an investigation of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter.

The documents also include a May 2019 letter from Mr. Giuliani that is the first public document to indicate that Mr. Trump was aware of his lawyer’s efforts. In the letter, Mr. Giuliani writes: “In my capacity as personal counsel to President Trump and with his knowledge and consent, I request a meeting with you.”

The documents also reveal that Mr. Parnas had been communicating with another man who appeared to be monitoring the movements of Marie L. Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, before the president ousted her from her post. In a series of cryptic text messages exchanged on WhatsApp, Mr. Parnas communicated with Robert F. Hyde, a supporter of Mr. Trump who is now running for Congress in Connecticut. The messages suggested that Mr. Hyde was in touch with people in Ukraine who were watching Ms. Yovanovitch.

“They are willing to help if we/you would like a price,” one message from Mr. Hyde to Mr. Parnas read.

According to the documents released Tuesday, Mr. Parnas was also in communication with Yuriy Lutsenko, a prosecutor in Ukraine who was helping Mr. Giuliani unearth damaging information about the Bidens. In one of the exchanges, Mr. Lutsenko messaged Mr. Parnas to complain that the administration had not yet removed Ms. Yovanovitch from her post.

“And here you can’t even get rid of one (female) fool,” Mr. Lutsenko wrote in an apparent reference to Ms. Yovanovitch. He also inserted a frowning emoji.

Pelosi criticized Trump and McConnell over evidence the Senate might not hear.

On the day that she plans to send articles of impeachment to the Senate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi began the morning with a pair of early-morning Twitter posts criticizing President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, for keeping witnesses and documents from Congress.

“There can be no full & fair trial in the Senate if Leader McConnell blocks the Senate from hearing witnesses and obtaining documents President Trump is covering up,” Ms. Pelosi wrote, adding: #DefendOurDemocracy.

The speaker’s tweets come just hours after the House released additional evidence from an associate to Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, of Mr. Trump’s involvement in pressuring Ukraine for investigations of his political rivals.

Dozens of pages of text messages, notes and other documents from Lev Parnas, Mr. Giuliani’s associate, adds more details to back up the House allegations that Mr. Trump and his aides orchestrated a blatant effort to solicit foreign help in the 2020 election.

Democrats said the new information puts additional pressure on Mr. McConnell and the president’s Republican allies for the Senate to subpoena additional witnesses and documents before making a decision about the president’s guilt.

“The President has fought tooth-and-nail to keep thousands of documents away from the public,” Ms. Pelosi said in one of her tweets. “And no wonder — each time new pieces come out, they show President Trump right at the center of the effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals.”


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