Trump may soon abandon Truth Social

As Donald Trump prepares for the Republican primaries in view of the 2024 presidential election, a return to the most used social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter seems increasingly plausible.

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According to the magazine Rolling Stonethe former president reportedly informed several people close to him that he does not wish to renew the exclusivity agreement with his conservative social network Truth Social.

This agreement is supposed to end next June..

As a reminder, this exclusivity clause implies a 6 hour exclusive for every post on his Truth Social platform, except if he posts about his election campaign.

This likely decision by Trump thus paves the way for his full-time return to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, platforms where the former president has seen – or is about to see – its accounts restored after being suspended following the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

As the start of the Republican primary for 2024 approaches, it would therefore make sense to see the 45e President of the United States attempt a comeback on the most viewed social networks.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, more useful to Trump’s ambitions than Truth Social

Despite the fact that Devin Nunes, the president of Trump Media Group (TMG) – the parent company of Truth Social – indicated that the former president “has no interest in returning to Twitter“, these rumors of a possible return would therefore begin at a pivotal moment for the former reality TV host.

Different polls indicate that although he is the favorite for the upcoming Republican primary, it could be closer than believed, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a slight lead in different polls and models of prediction.

The use of social networks will then be essential for Trump, especially when we compare the number of daily visits to sites like Facebook and Twitter with those of Truth Social. According to November 2022 statistics, there would be only 2 million active daily users on the Truth Social, against 237.8 million for Twitter.

And that’s what would push Trump, according to Rolling Stoneto ask his associates what they think of a comeback on Twitter and suggestions for a first tweet, with a WWE-style video as the first favorite choice.