Trump presents his presidential candidacy for 2024 and increases the division of the Republican Party

  • The country now is not the same one that welcomed his proposal six years ago

  • The tycoon has already begun the campaign against his adversaries

  • Conservatives are fractured for the first time in a long time

Donald Trump is back. And he has done it true to his style, glossing over disappointment over the poor results obtained in the recent midterm elections, where the Conservatives thought they had won both chambers. With the worn voice, the usual red tie and the serious countenance of him, The tycoon announced from his Florida mansion his intention to continue with the script that had been set for a long time: presenting himself as the necessary savior of a country adrift, according to the MAGA universe (Make America Great Again, his usual electoral campaign slogan).

His speech, which lasted just over an hour, covered the expected spectrum: criticism of the “failed radical left” and Biden, praise of his previous term, announcements of changes in the voting process and toughening of immigration laws, among others. stuff. All to cheers from the audience before ending with the words “together we will make America powerful, rich, secure, glorious and great again.”

But at no time was there room for reflection about the electoral results or his support for the most radical candidates in the elections who were rejected by the citizens. Something that was to be expected in a Trump who is currently more focused on promoting his interests than solving the division between those who still revere him and those who think that it is time to turn the page to his figure.


In fact, the former president’s initial idea of ​​presenting himself as a triumphant option for the White House, after a comfortable Republican victory in the midterm, has had to be modified after the verification that the results were not as expected. His candidacy for the 2024 elections is nothing more than the attempt to maintain a power that no longer has. Neither the party supports him unanimously, nor have the voters given him sufficient support, which has manifested itself in the failure of several of the candidates for Congress who ran under his endorsement. This was the case for Mehmet Oz, Adam Laxalt and Blake Masters, Senate candidates who lost to their Democratic opponents in Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona, respectively.

But for the former president, the hardest part was yet to come: seeing how those conservatives who decided to distance themselves from his figure did get re-election. This was the case with the governors Mike DeWine (Ohio), Chris Sununu (New Hampshire), Brian Kemp (Georgia) or Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida who has even won in Miami Dade, a Democratic fiefdom where the Republicans do not imposed for 20 years. This has made DeSantis the great rival of the New York businessman, who has already begun a smear campaign against the governor.

the beginning

Everything indicates that the situation of both Trump and the party is not the same as in 2015, when he ran for president by the Republicans. At that time, the country was in the midst of a migratory wave, one of many that have contributed to modifying the North American demographic and cultural landscape. A phenomenon that was used by some conservative politicians and media to create a message of fear for the loss of identity and American values, which provided fertile ground for Trump to emerge as the savior of the America First.

the illusion for a newcomer trumpwho did not belong to the political elite, emerged to reassure rural white Americato whose vote was added that of Evangelicals, the least academically qualified, and the wealthiest. An amalgam that in 2016, against forecasts, led to Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, taking him to the White House.


The scenario now, however, is very different. The Republican Party is weakened and although it will take over the House of Representatives shortly, which provides a breather, the conservatives will not have a large enough majority to form a seamless opposition. In addition to the disagreements between Trump and DeSantis, differences are already being seen between Kevin McCarthy, who is running for Speaker of the House of Representatives, y other candidates for the position such as the congressman from Arizona, Andy Biggs.

And all this while in the background the actions of historic members of the Republican Party, such as Liz Cheney, which is part of the select committee of the lower house that investigates the actions of the tycoon in relation to the assault on the Capitol. Especially mentions of the letter containing “overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of (Trump) appointed staff members, that he personally orchestrated and oversaw the multi-stakeholder effort to nullify the 2020 presidential election and obstruct the peaceful transition.” of power”.

affairs with justice

In addition, there are his different problems with justice, which are numerous and varied. From the criminal investigation that he faces for presenting false voters in the 2020 elections, to the trial for tax fraud against his business network, launched by the New York prosecutor, or the accusations for the appropriation of classified documents that he diverted , from the White House, to his mansion in Mar-a-Lago.

whatever the problem, it will be easier for him to face it being the next presidential candidate (with the media and economic machinery running) than from the solitude of his home in Florida. Something that, however, will not prevent him from “putting this country back on track” if his expectations are met, as his adviser Jason Miller said, reproducing Trump’s words, before his official announcement.