Trump puts his secretary d'State the challenge d'an IQ test

Trump puts his secretary d'State the challenge d'an IQ test


L es tensions between Donald Trump and his secretary of State, Rex Tillerson broke out again at the great day yesterday, Tuesday, October 10, when the american president has proposed to… compare their IQ tests.

The tenant of the White House beautiful to repeat that the articles that detail his difficult relationship with the head of diplomacy are “bogus”, he did not intend to turn the page. And about reported late last week by NBC News, according to which the ex-boss of the oil giant ExxonMobil has called the u.s. president “stupid” at the end of a meeting at the Pentagon, it seems, stung to the quick. “I think that it is a false information,” said Donald Trump in an interview to the magazine Forbes. “But if he says, I think it will be necessary to compare our IQ tests. And I can tell you who will win”, he added.

His spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has attempted to end the controversy by saying it was “just a joke”. “He did not question the intelligence of the secretary of the State,” she hammered , assuring that he had “100% confidence” in the latter. This new episode is, however, come to fuel speculation recurring on a possible resignation of Mr. Tillerson. In a period of intense diplomatic activity, between the tension with North Korea and the imminent announcement of the u.s. position on the nuclear deal in iran, the president of the United States doesn’t it weakened a central character of his administration? “I have not weakened anyone, I do not believe the fact to weaken anyone”, he responded from the oval Office where he met a secretary of State of a distant era, Henry Kissinger.

“Little Bob Corker”

MESSRS. Trump and Tillerson have then had lunch together in the presence also of Jim Mattis, u.s. secretary of Defense. The revelations of NBC News had forced the former strong man of ExxonMobil to take the floor to state his public support and his “commitment to the success” of the tenant of the White House. A few days earlier, Donald Trump had rebuked his secretary of State, for having raised publicly the existence of channels of communication designed to probe the intentions of North Korea. “He wastes his time to negotiate,” he wrote. “Conserve your energy Rex, we will do what we need to do.”

These exchanges is surprising at this level of the State to intervene at the time where Donald Trump is engaged in a public exchange very aggressive, by Twitter interposed, with the elected republican Bob Corker. On Tuesday, he also renewed his attacks against the one who had deplored, in a tweet loaded with irony, that the White House has become a “daycare for adults” and describes its occupant as an unstable man. Picking up his habits campaign during which he affublait regularly its opponents the nickname mockingly, he called the chairman of the foreign Affairs committee of the Senate of “little Bob Corker”.

All this risk does he not endanger his great priority of the moment: tax reform in preparations for the Congress, where republicans have only a narrow majority ? “I don’t think so, no”, replied the president of the United States. “I think we are well on the way. The Americans want tax cuts”.

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