WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump today repealed the minimum mileage per gallon guidelines for vehicles approved during the Barack Obama presidency, raising the limit on harmful fossil fuel emissions.

With his action, Trump destroyed one of the most important provisions in the United States to combat climate change.

The Trump administration issued the final rule today on mileage standards until 2026. The change, after two years of Trump threats to states and the auto industry sector that opposed his rule, It undercuts an Obama provision that encouraged manufacturers to accelerate production of electric and gasoline and diesel vehicles with more efficient fuel consumption.

“We are delivering on President Trump’s promise to correct current fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards,” said Andrew Wheeler, director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in a statement today to the announce the measure.

“Once approved, the standard will benefit our economy, improve vehicle fleet fuel economy, make vehicle prices more accessible and save lives by increasing the safety of new vehicles,” said EPA spokeswoman Corry Schiermeyer. , anticipating the official announcement.

Opponents say the change – by destroying the legacy of his predecessor’s efforts against climate change emissions – is allegedly due to Trump’s desire to nullify all of Obama’s initiatives, and they argue that The government itself is struggling to identify the concrete and demonstrable benefits that the new guidelines will bring to drivers, public health, safety, or the economy.

The Trump administration said the new guidelines will allow consumers to continue purchasing the SUVs they have preferred for years, despite the fact that those vehicles are less fuel efficient. Detractors say hundreds of more people will die each year from air pollution compared to Obama-era standards.

Even “given the catastrophe in which they are with the coronavirus, they apply a policy that is harmful to public health and will kill people,” said Chet France, who was an EPA official on emissions and mileage guidelines.


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