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Trump retracts: Army will not shoot migrants

New York, USA.

President Donald Trump Yesterday, he retracted his claims that US soldiers should shoot migrants on the border with Mexico if they threw stones at them as they tried to enter the United States.

"I did not say shoot," he said. "They will not have to shoot. What I do not want is for these people to throw stones. "

Trump said migrants who throw stones or request refugee status on the southern border "will be detained for a long time."

After a speech on Thursday on his fight against illegal immigration, Trump was asked about how the thousands of soldiers he ordered to deploy on the southern border would react if the migrants threw stones at them.

The president responded that throwing stones would be seen as a lethal threat.

"We are not going to put up with that. If they want to throw stones at our military, our military will respond, "he said, stating that a stone should be considered" a rifle ".

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Border tension.

The military deployed in several cities bordering Mexico worked yesterday installing a serpentine on one of the banks of the Rio Grande, in the city of Hidalgo, Texas, where they already set up their camps.

According to Mexican media, the maneuvers caused surprise.

The newspaper El Universal reported that the Customs and Border Protection Office reported that the United States government would initiate the border closure exercises.

According to citizens who sought to cross the Reynosa-Pharr bridge, three of the four lanes were closed.

General Terrence O'Shaughnessy, commander of the North Command, reported that the soldiers would be there to "reinforce" the border crossings and the surrounding areas, including the construction of temporary barriers.

Rolls of barbed wire were deployed 35 kilometers from the border and the Pentagon could continue to deploy them for another 240 kilometers, he added.

The Pentagon also sends members of the military police and three helicopter companies equipped with high-tech sensors and night vision capabilities.

Former President Barack Obama denounced Trump's plan to send thousands of soldiers to the border as a "political trick". He said the deployment was serving to "make people angry and faint," adding, "There's just constant bullying to distract attention."



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