Trump signs executive orders to reduce drug prices

MIAMI.- The president of the U.S, Donald Trump signed on Friday, four orders that seek to reduce the cost of drugs for Americans.

The first order requires federally qualified health centers to roll over massive discounts on insulin and epinephrine received from the pharmaceutical some low-income Americans.

The second order “will allow state plans to import drugs and authorize the re-importation of insulin products manufactured in the United States.”

The third will prohibit secret agreements between pharmaceutical companies and intermediaries to offer more discounts directly at pharmacies.

The fourth executive order signed by the president is intended for the United States to pay the lowest price available “In economically comparable countries” for Medicare Part B drugs.

The president said the new provisions “will lead to a massive reduction in drug costs. I have been waiting for this day for a long time,” he said.

“We are going to hold the fourth order until August 24, in the hope that the pharmaceutical companies will come up with something that will substantially reduce the price of drugs,” Trump said during the ceremony.

“I am dismantling the system that is many decades old,” he declared, promising “massive” savings. However, consumers may have to wait a while to take advantage of the new benefits.



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