US President Donald Trump may have taken many by surprise at a campaign on Tuesday night when he said nothing about the conviction of his former campaign chief Paul Manafort on charges of banking and tax fraud hours earlier in the year. Virginia.
Manafort faces the possibility of decades of prison.
Speaking in West Virginia, Trump did not mention his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen either, although hours earlier Cohen pleaded guilty to federal charges in New York and admitted to spending money on bribes at the candidate’s decision.
The Democratic leader in the Senate, Charles Schumer, said the president should not consider forgiveness.
“I understand that the president is going to a political act, I better not talk about forgiveness for Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort tonight or in the future.”

The Senate Democratic leader, Charles Schumer, advised President Donald Trump not to speak of presidential pardons.

It is unclear if Trump followed Schumer’s advice, but he immediately criticized the mainstream media and prosecutors for investigating whether he had colluded with Russia in his alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
“False news and the Russian witch hunt, we have a great combination, where’s the collusion, they’re still looking for collusion, where’s the collusion, find some collusion?”
Before arriving at the rally, Trump summed up the legal dilemma of his former associates.
“That’s wrong, I feel bad for both of us, I have to tell you that Paul Manafort is a good man, he was with Ronald Reagan, he was with a lot of different people over the years, I feel very sad about that, it does not involve me.”
Cohen told a federal judge in New York on Tuesday that his decision to violate campaign finance laws was made in cooperation and under the direction of then presidential candidate Trump.
One of Trump’s lawyers, the former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, issued a statement after Cohen’s statement, saying: “There are no allegations of any crime against the president in the government charges against Cohen.”


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