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Trump threatens Maduro and reaffirms that he is studying "all options"

The US president believes that President Nicolas Maduro has made a "terrible mistake" in preventing international humanitarian aid from entering his country.

Donald Trump. The US President reaffirmed Wednesday, February 13, that he was studying "all options" concerning Venezuela, underlining that President Nicolas Maduro was committing a "terrible mistake" by preventing international humanitarian aid from entering the country.

"There are different solutions, different options, we study all the options"said Donald Trump from the Oval Office receiving his Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque. Does the occupant of the White House have a "plan B" if Nicolas Maduro decides to stay in power at all costs? "I always have a plan B, and C, and D, and E, and F"he replied, without further details.

Qualifying of "very sad" the situation in the country, plagued by a serious political crisis amid food shortages and health products, Donald Trump has long praised the attitude of the opponent Juan Guaido, recognized as interim president by some fifty countries, including United States. "I have a lot of respect for him who is, for many people, the true president of Venezuela., he said.

President Nicolas Maduro, who denies any famine in his country, judges that American aid – he rejects – is only a "political show" before a military intervention from Washington. Juan Guaido, for his part, multiplies initiatives so that it can be routed. Seeking to break the unity of the army, the opponent offered amnesty to the military who disavowed the head of state and warned them that blocking aid would be a "crime against humanity".

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