Despite the fact that two months ago HBO renounced it, Donald Trump has once again used a 'mem' of 'Thrones game' for political purposes. This time it has been to threaten the arrival of the wall that must separate Mexico from the United States. In the image that he has shared, the American president appears in the foreground with the phrase 'The wall is coming' overprinted, and uses as reference one of the motto -Winter is coming'- and the characteristic typography of the series.

Using this phrase, Trump makes an association between the wall that appears in the series, which separates the Seven Kingdoms from the wildlands, and the border fortress that he wants to build between Mexico and the United States. On Friday, Trump threatened to declare a state of national emergency if the Democrats did not support a budget line to build the wall.

It is not the first time that Trump uses 'Thrones game' to make a grace on Twitter. This November, the US president also used a poster of the series to announce the restoration of sanctions in Iran. Then the HBO was upset and urged Trump not to use the symbols of the chain for his proclamations policies. Apart from the chain, series actresses like Maisie Williams or Sophie Turner, who play Arya and Sansa Stark respectively, showed their dissatisfaction with the occurrence of Trump.

HBO is one of the companies that are part of the Time Warner group, also the owner of CNN, a chain that Trump has attacked on several occasions. Among the many conflicts that the U.S. president has had with this communication group, his opposition, through the Justice Department, stands out when AT Warning has been purchased by AT & T, which was finally approved in June by a judge federal


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