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Trump will meet during the press conference

President Donald Trump speaks on Wednesday at a press conference in the East Room of the White House.

Evan Vucci / AP

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Evan Vucci / AP

President Donald Trump speaks on Wednesday at a press conference in the East Room of the White House.

Evan Vucci / AP

Updated 15:10 ET

In an extremely belligerent press conference on Wednesday, after voters convicted him of controlling the House to the Democrats, President Trump went to Republicans, Democrats, and the media.

He mocked republican candidates who distanced himself from him, accused a reporter for asking a "racist question," and once walked away from the desk when an assistant tried to rip a microphone from a reporter's hand.

Trump said that if the Democrats tried to use their majority to blame them, they would be a "warlike attitude."

He said he could work with Democrats on issues such as infrastructure and health care, but if they conduct investigations against his government, "then we will do the same, then the government comes to a standstill and I blame them." "

Trump suggested that he use the Senate for his investigation.

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The president reviewed several GOP candidates who lost on Tuesday. He said that Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, "did not give me any love and lost her. Too bad, I'm sorry, Mia." He said that Barbara Comstock, who had lost her suburb of Virginia, "did not want to be hugged."

Trump said Tuesday's results were "very close to a complete victory," despite Republicans losing control of the house. The GOP increased its majority in the Senate.

Last Wednesday, he praised House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi while warning Democrats not to investigate his government.

Pelosi, who takes the majority of seats with his party on Tuesday, will be the house's next spokesman, Trump twittered that she "deserves to be elected by the Democrats as Speaker of the House", "that she deserves this great honor" and even suggested that some Republicans could vote for her if the Democrats "give her a hard time".

At his press conference, Trump said "there was nothing sarcastic" about his praise and said she had "fought long and hard".

Some Democrats have said during their campaigns that they would not support Pelosi, but it is not yet clear if there are Democrats willing to demand them for the post. It is highly unlikely that a Republican will vote for the woman who has demonized his party in thousands of campaign ads.

Trump's support for Pelosi is not completely uncharacteristic. Both are dealers. In 2007, Trump praised her as "the best" when she was first sworn in as a spokeswoman. He has not yet found a pejorative nickname for her, as he has with many of his other enemies of the Democrats, though that may well change. For their part, Pelosi said that without the support of both parties, the Democrats will hardly prosecute the President, though that too may change.

Trump said he considered changes to his government after the elections, including his cabinet.

Shortly after his press conference ended, Trump tweeted that he had accepted the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who would be replaced by sessions' chief of staff Matthew G. Whitaker.

Trump honored Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his praise and reiterated that he reviewed the work of Home Secretary Ryan Zinke after numerous reports of ethical violations.

Trump again condemned the investigation against Robert Müller, who had examined the relationship between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government. Trump said he could "fire everyone right away, but I do not want to stop it because I do not like it politically." Trump called the investigation "a shame" and said, "It should never have started because there is no crime."

He was also asked for comments from some Democrats who are now in the majority, that they will seek his income tax returns. Unlike previous presidents, Trump refused to publicize. He reiterated earlier statements that they had been examined, and his lawyers did not tell him, but said he would "certainly be open-minded" to release them when the IRS exam ends.

Trump was often battling reporters, calling the news media "enemies of the people," but Wednesday's press conference heightened hostility. He called Jim Acosta of CNN, with whom he has often sparred, "a rude, terrible person." And when the correspondent of PBS NewsHour, Yamiche Alcindor, asked him if he thought his rhetoric, including the use of the term "nationalist", encouraged white nationalists, he called it "a racist question."

"I love our country," he said, "you have nationalists, you have globalists," and added, "I love the world, too."

He called himself "a great moral leader" and answered another question that he had never used racist utterances.

In another tweet on Wednesday morning, Trump threatened with the Democrats, saying that if he thought he was wasting the taxpayer's money to examine us at the house level, then we would also be forced to keep them on all leaks from Classified to investigate information and much more at the Senate level. He added, "Two can play this game!"

The Democrats have promised to take control of the Trump administration in January. Representative Elijah Cummings, D-Md., Who is scheduled to become chairman of the House Supervision and Government Reform Committee, said Wednesday he intends to:

"Highlight Waste, Fraud and Abuse in the Trump Administration I Want to Investigate Senior Government Officials throughout the Government who Abused Their Power Positions and Wasted Tax Money, and President Trump's Decisions to Trade in His Own Fiscal Policy the best interests of the American people. "

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Issued a warning to the Democrats on Wednesday morning. They need to think carefully about whether they want to continue with a strategy of "repressing the presidency," which uses its new majority in parliament to insult Trump, he said.

Trump also noted the results from Tuesday in another tweet and said, "To all the experts or talking heads who do not give us the proper recognition for this great midterm election, just remember two words – FAKE NEWS!"

While some of the red Senate candidates Trump applied for were victorious, the results in the many seats before the Congress, previously held by Republicans in democratic hands, are a mixed signal.


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