World Trump's dismissal: Ukrainian business was hacked

Trump's dismissal: Ukrainian business was hacked


New twist in the dismissal proceedings against Donald Trump: Russians linked to Russian military intelligence, the GRU, hacked during the autumn the Ukrainian company Burisma, at the same time as witnesses were heard in Congress on this affair, revealed Monday a specialized company quoted by several American daily newspapers.

The US president is mired in impeachment proceedings, accused of freezing $ 400 million in military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his potential presidential rival, Joe Biden. Donald Trump says he has nothing to reproach himself and insists, without evidence, that Joe Biden and his son Hunter are "corrupt", in particular because the latter was a director of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas group for a time suspected of practices doubtful.

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The attack would have been "successful"

It is this group that was targeted by hackers linked to Russian military intelligence (GRU) in November, say the New york times and the Wall street journal, based on a report published by an IT company in Silicon Valley specializing in the fight against piracy. According to the company, Area 1, the attack was "successful". The methods used by hackers are said to be very similar to those used during the hacking of emails from top Democratic officials during the 2016 presidential campaign. These attacks were attributed by US intelligence agencies to Russia.

On December 18, Donald Trump was indicted by the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives for "abuse of power" and "interfering with the proper functioning of Congress". He must now be tried in the Senate, where with a Republican majority which is loyal to him for the moment, he will most likely be acquitted.


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