CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – President Trump said Monday that a meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin, which will take place this weekend in Paris, will postpone, possibly until later in the month, when both are planning to participate in an international summit Buenos Aires.

Mr. Trump sent his National Security Advisor John R. Bolton to Moscow last month to discuss the Paris meeting. In response to the reporters on Monday, the president said the two leaders would probably only meet at the annual meeting of the leader of the group of the top 20 nations.

"Well, we have not set anything yet," Mr. Trump said, before traveling to Washington for the last election on Tuesday in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri. "We do not know that this will be the right place. I will be in Paris for other reasons. But we will meet at the G-20. And we'll probably have meetings after that – probably many meetings. "

"Getting along with Russia, China and everyone would be a good thing," he added. "I have said it for a long time. So we will have many meetings. But I'm not sure we'll have a meeting in Paris – probably not. "


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