Trump’s “revenge rally”: His next coup should come at the expense of the refugees

Donald Trump’s campaign of revenge has begun – the “Save America” ​​campaign, unofficially known as the “Revenge Tour”, began in Ohio on Saturday. The official occasion for the revenge rally was Trump’s support for MP Max Miller. Miller is running against Anthony Gonzalez – one of ten Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment after the Capitol storming. Trump insulted all ten MPs as “traitors” and swore vengeance against each one.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was forced off the podium at a Republican conference in Florida last week with shouts of “traitors”. In the run-up to the event, the former president had hounded against him because he had not prevented Congress from confirming Biden’s election victory.

Trump, on the other hand, enjoyed the cheers of his thousands of fans on Saturday evening. According to a recent Ipsos / Reuters poll, 53 percent of Republicans still believe Trump is the real president. Many had traveled to Wellington days earlier. “God Bless the USA” boomed from speakers as Trump stepped on stage and threw red MAGA caps into the crowd. Many of his supporters wore “Trump Won” T-shirts – “Trump has won” was also on countless flags.

Trump: After the “revenge rally, the ex-president now wants to visit the border

“We have won both elections and can do it a third time. We will recapture the House of Representatives, the Senate, then America – and soon,” said Trump to the raging crowd. “I’m trying to save democracy!”

The ex-president also insulted Gonzalez as “a shame for Ohio” and “fake Republicans”. Miller, on the other hand, praised him as an “incredible patriot”. He promptly thanked him on the podium: “For me there is no greater role model than Donald Trump.”

Trump’s next rally is scheduled for Saturday in his new home in Florida. But before the event in Sarasota, Trump accepted an invitation from Texas Governor Greg Abbott to the Mexican border on Wednesday.

Vice President Kamala Harris also officially visited the Texan border for the first time on Friday. There she visited the border protection office and a migrants’ home and met officials, as well as five young, unaccompanied refugee girls from Central America. Critics accuse Harris of only wanting to forestall Trump and that she only traveled to El Paso under pressure from his upcoming border visit. Republicans have been accusing the government of ignoring the border crisis for months, circulating milk containers marked “missing person” under Harris’ photo. Background: In the USA, missing people are often depicted on milk packaging.

Kamala Harris criticized for refugee situation: “Children live in inhumane accommodation”

But Harris’ press spokeswoman Symone Sanders denied the allegations: “We generally do not respond to information from the former Trump administration. Friday just fit well into your schedule.” Harris received criticism from both parties after visiting Guatemala and Mexico in early June. When a reporter asked when a border visit was due, she replied, irritated: “What is the question? After all, I haven’t been to Europe yet.” Former Harris employees admitted that under pressure, she can occasionally slip in tone and appear defensive.

According to human rights organizations, the conditions in the collection points have improved slightly – but there is still an enormous need for action when it comes to accommodating minors. “Children are still living in inhumane shelters – abuse by staff cannot be ruled out,” human rights lawyer Shawn Drake told CNN.

In May alone, more than 180,000 migrants crossed the border into the USA – more than in all of 2019. Migration was also a central issue at Trump’s rally. “I bequeathed the safest of all borders to Biden and in a few weeks he let it come to the worst border crisis in our history,” he complained. “Now the whole world pities us.”

“Migrant invasion”: Trump’s daughter-in-law advises Texans to arm themselves

Shortly before the end of his term in office, Trump turned another victory lap on the Texan border with Mexico on January 12th. A week later, on his first day in the Oval Office, Biden ordered the construction of the Wall to be stopped immediately and eased his predecessor’s migration restrictions.

Border authorities are now reporting more migrants than they have in 20 years, and Governor Greg Abbott has declared a state of emergency in 34 parishes in Texas. He hopes that this will give him access to $ 250 million in government funds to complete the wall. Together with Trump he will hold a “Town Hall Meeting” on Wednesday – the Fox TV star Sean Hannity will moderate. Abbott values ​​the effect of Trump’s rhetoric very much, it is said – he now also uses expressions such as “slaughter of migrants” and “invasion” on a regular basis.

He also supports Lara Trump’s warning: In view of the influx of migrants, Trump’s daughter-in-law had called on all Texans at the border to arm themselves even more heavily in the future.