trust to achieve the endowment but not before Christmas


The PSOE will seek this week to continue taking steps towards the investiture and next Tuesday it seems a key date in these advances. On December 3 the Cortes are constituted, and the configuration of the Congressional and Senate Tables will be the best thermometer to test the status of the relationship of the Socialists with their eventual partners for the legislature. That day there are also scheduled two meetings with the sovereign parties. The ERC will begin to build on the basis of the foundations that were laid last Thursday, with the recognition of a "political conflict in Catalonia" that must be channeled with "institutional dialogue." In parallel, from Junts per Catalunya, Laura Borràs and Míriam Nogueras have also requested an audience with the Socialists to mark closely the advances registered with the Republicans in the open struggle within independence.

Under the premise of maximum prudence and in the expectation of how negotiations develop, the first meeting with ERC was optimistically settled by the PSOE. "While there are bridges of dialogue, there is hope," say socialist sources after the meeting. Pedro Sánchez was informed in detail about it, and what makes it possible to maintain that "hope" is that, for the moment, the dialogue has not been "vitiated" with "unaccustomed" demands regarding the self-determination referendum or the amnesty the prisoners of the «procés». Postulates that –recognize sources close to negotiation– can make conversations brighten at any time, since the red lines of law and Constitution that have been exposed so far remain immovable. Yes there is "maximum disposition" for the agreement and even make "discursive" winks entering the game and the independence rhetoric – in relation to the "political conflict" – but without this translating into anything abnormal or detrimental to the law .

This "moderate optimism" is combined, however, with certain doses of resignation. Specifically, in relation to the negotiation times. Pedro Sánchez wanted to provide them with the utmost speed and the Republicans will dilate them to the fullest. The socialist leader seeks to be president with full powers before Christmas to put the country in a hurry to work – with approved budgets and revaluation of pensions, among other measures -, however, The thesis that it will not be, at least, until January when there can be an Executive with all its capabilities in Spain is already beginning to break through. In the calendar that manages the PSOE – intervention of the candidate on December 16, first vote on 17 and Sanchez invested on 19 – break a series of events that, at least, blur the debate. All of them remove the eventual support of ERC.

On Thursday 19, when the 13 deputies of ERC should abstain to facilitate Sanchez being president, the Court of Justice of the European Communities (ECJ) decides whether Spain violated the rights of its leader in prison, Oriol Junqueras, by not allowing him Acquire your MEP status after the May 26 elections. In addition, two days later, on Saturday, December 21, the XXVIII ERC Congress starts. Although this appointment does not decide on the investiture, but will be a meeting to mark the direction and program of the party for the next four years, the truth is that a movement in favor of the governance of Spain only two days before , would mark the conclave in the internal struggle and with the pressure exerted from the outside by both Junts per Cataluña and the CUP so that the Government is not facilitated.

Shield the candidate

Throughout this operation, Sánchez maintains distance. The objective is to shield the candidate, who last spoke with the public signing of the coalition agreement with Pablo Iglesias. Since then, the contacts between the two occur strictly secretly – in the Moncloa palace – and the "wear" of gestures and the negotiation with the sovereigns has been left to other authorized government spokespersons or the PSOE negotiating team. The slogan is that Sanchez is free of any macula that, if necessary, it would hinder you to open another negotiation path with the PP or Citizens, if the agreement on the left fails.

Until that moment, the official message is to defend Sanchez and praise his «bravery» because, knowing that popular and oranges were not going to help him form a government, he has reached an agreement with them to move forward in Congress on « 155 digital »against the Catalan Republic, 24 hours before sitting at the table with ERC to negotiate the investiture. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that there was no alternative other than that of the coalition government with Pablo Iglesias, discharging the blame for this shift in the irresponsibility of PP and Citizens who refuse to abstain and maintain the blockade in Spain after the second elections. It is also widely criticized that the voices of the old guard that are rising against Sanchez, charge the party for their road map to form a government with Podemos, instead of pressing Casado to unlock the situation as the PSOE did in 2016 , not without internal tear. These pronouncements are the critical backdrop on which Sánchez's negotiating advances develop.

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