Truth or Myth: Cholesterol Bomb? How unhealthy eggs really are!


How unhealthy are eggs actually?
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Whether as a breakfast egg at the weekend, scrambled eggs for lunch or as a fried egg in the evening – eggs are almost indispensable to the diet of the Germans. But there is still a great deal of confusion about egg consumption. Stubborn is the claim that too many eggs are unhealthy and would drive up cholesterol levels. But what is actually in this myth?

How many eggs per week are healthy?

The German Nutrition Society recommends eating no more than three eggs a week. In fact, the body of healthy people keeps cholesterol levels constant, regardless of the level of intake, so that an egg is more or less harmless. " cholesterol in the egg yolk, the cholesterol production of the body practically does not influence. This takes place anyway in the liver and partly in the brain, "Prof. Sigmund Silber, a cardiologist from Munich, told" "last year.

Eggs have a bad reputation due to cholesterol, dioxin, calories and salmonella

But not only because of the cholesterol, which is contained only in the egg yolk, eggs enjoy a bad reputation. Calories, dioxins and salmonella sometimes make the egg stand in a bad light and frighten off the consumption.

Eggs as a powerhouse! So healthy are eggs

And yet: eggs contain many vitamins, minerals, iodine, high-quality protein and lecithin, which improves the memory and strengthens the nerves. Last year, scientists from China and the UK even published a study in the "BMJ Journal" stating that eggs are healthier than previously thought. In fact, they found through a long-term study that daily egg consumption has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

Eggs do not automatically boost cholesterol levels

Nutrition expert dr. Riedl told "": "Even 10 to 15 eggs per week are no problem". The only prerequisite: You have no rheumatic diseases and no lipid metabolism disorder, which leads to chronically elevated cholesterol levels.

So Wilhelm Busch was right when he once said: "Everyone knows who that is, the egg is healthy and invigorating." In this sense: to taste.

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