Trying in vain! TOP 5 annoying beauty treatments according to men

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Money down the drain and all in vain.

Women try their best to meet certain standards of beauty. Every year, new trends appear in the beauty industry and this is supposedly done for the sake of male attention. However, experts found the TOP 5 popular, but such annoying beauty treatments according to men.
Most men do not understand the hype around eyebrow lamination and their artificial “thickening”. The look should be expressive, but this procedure only gives an annoying shine and “sleekness.”

This, as it turned out, is not as attractive as “Brooms” in the eyes. Men prefer natural hairs or only a small lengthening. Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes are impractical and the stronger sex is sincerely perplexed why such ones are needed.
Of cosmetic procedures, men categorically oppose fillers in the cheekbones and lip augmentation. They believe, they say, it makes a woman too “artificial” and looks creepy. Still, they didn’t get into the film “Maleficent”. Tattoo – a separate story.

Over time, it fades and gives an incomprehensible shade, and on the lips it looks awful due to the effect of the “eaten” lipstick. Paradoxically, men want to see the natural beauty and even sometimes a sleepy woman in the morning. After all, this is not equal to scruffy. Plus, a huge amount of money, effort and time is spent on cosmetology, which does not correlate with the result.
So that “Try in vain” and “redraw” their own faces. It is better to preserve the natural appearance of the lips, face, eyebrows and not to suffer with endless visits to the cosmetologist and beauty salons.



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