Trzaskowski and Schetyna at the Legia match. The fans had no mercy – o2

In the third final match of Energa Basket Liga, this time it was WKS Śląsk Wrocław who defeated Legia Warszawa 81:74 and leads 2-1 in the streak to four wins. This is a very hot competition that provides a lot of excitement on the pitch, but also in the stands. On Sunday evening, over 1.5 thousand people appeared in Bemowo. fans. The interest was gigantic. If Legia had a larger hall, it would surely sell about 5-6 thousand. tickets.

Politicians in the stands

The Legia team plays brilliantly, but the problem is that it has one of the worst halls in the competition. In fact, the teams in the first league can boast a more modern facility than Legia. The hall in Bemowo has been renovated several times, but nothing will change the fact that it is not a hall worthy of a great club such as Legia.

President Trzaskowski is of course invited to our hall for the finals. The city is a very important partner for us, we play for Varsovians, for fans – said Legia coach Wojciech Kamiński recently in an interview with

Trzaskowski appeared at the Legia match on Sunday. There was also Grzegorz Schetyna, who is a great supporter of Śląsk Wrocław on a daily basis. They both sat in the stands, but in completely different places. Both were received in an uncultured way by the fans of the Warsaw club. Scams flew.

“Trzaskowski, *** this is your name” – scandals, fans of Legia.

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