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Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report

President Tsai Ing-wen put forward the “Four Perseverances” at the National Day Convention this year and emphasized that the two sides of the strait are not subject to each other and their sovereignty should not be violated. In response to this, the Chinese state media “Global Times” criticized that Tsai Ing-wen’s talk was full of “one country on one side” argument, and his attitude of only calling “China” without adding “mainland” was unprecedentedly arrogant.

▲ Global said that Tsai Ing-wen’s National Day speech did not mention the word “Mainland” and that “the attitude was unprecedentedly arrogant.” (Combination picture/data photo)

Tsai Ing-wen delivered a National Day speech on the topic of “Consensus and Disagreement, Unite to Observe Taiwan.” In addition to proposing the “Four Perseverances”, the non-subordination of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and the inviolability of sovereignty, she also emphasized that the reform of the constitutional system is a must. “The Constitutional Reform Commission is based on the Constitution of the Republic of China, and on the premise of maintaining a democratic and free constitutional system, to amend the constitution.”

In response to Tsai Ing-wen’s speech, the Global Times criticized that this time it was stronger than her previous speech. In the past, she used “China” and “Mainland” to be used interchangeably when calling the other side. Just call it “China”, with an unprecedented arrogant attitude.

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, also believes that Tsai Ing-wen advocates Taiwan independence and fragmentation of history, and said that reunification is the common will of the Chinese nation. “The future of Taiwan is determined by all Chinese people.”

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Regarding this, the MAC issued a statement earlier that President Tsai’s National Day remarks showed my firm stance that Taiwan will never accept the cross-strait development path set by the Beijing authorities. The MAC also accused the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of no constructive attribution and criticism and slander, which will only deepen the cross-strait estrangement and cognitive gap, and will not help the development of benign interaction.