Tsamara Attacked After Leaving PSI Judged Due to Social Polarization


Former cadre of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Tsamara Amany was attacked by a number of parties from SARA, cadrun to ‘Yemeni henchmen’ after leaving PSI. Sociologist from the National University, Sigit Rohadi, believes that this is due to the increasingly sharp polarization.

“Social polarization in our country is getting sharper and difficult to control,” said Sigit when contacted, Saturday (23/4/2022).

Sigit said that ethnic polarization was quelled by a religious approach. However, according to him, when there was a politicization of religion accompanied by black narratives in 2014, the polarization was considered to be getting wilder.

“Ethnic polarization can be quelled by a cross-cutting affiliation approach with religion. Differences in ethnicity and race are not sharpened because they can be tied back by religion. When the politicization of religion has taken place since 2014 accompanied by black narratives by politicians, the polarization runs wilder,” he said. .

Sigit said freedom of expression was used to attack groups with different political views wrapped in religion. Polarization then leads to race and immigrants.

“They take advantage of the freedom of assembly and expression, attacking groups with different political views wrapped in religion. This condition is used by oligarchs (the alliance of investors and power) to finance their activities and buy voters’ votes,” said Sigit.

“Polarization then leads to race and immigrants. The bad label that was previously attached to Chinese descent, then turned to Arabic because some scholars of Arab descent used religion to attack political opponents. This proves that religion is no longer able to unite,” he continued.

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Sigit suspected that Tsamara’s attack was caused by several things. One of them is related to PSI’s background, known as Anies’ opposition, to the relationship between Tsamara’s background and her husband who are of Arab descent.

“Tsamara was attacked with racial issues, firstly, her resignation from PSI disappointed her supporters. Second, she happened to be of Arab descent and has a husband of Arab descent who is suspected of being able to reveal PSI’s secrets and strategies to Anies and his supporters. PSI is known as a very opposition party to Anies,” he added.

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