Tsann Kuen 5 times coupon discount announced! iPhone 13 Pro kills over 1,000 yuan, Dyson vacuum cleaner 72% off

(Photo/Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

To seize the opportunity to revitalize the securities business by 5 times, Tsann Kuen was the first to open the discounted membership project today, and launched activities such as up to 50 times magnification and full prize draws. A series of 3C products include the newly launched iPhone 13 Pro and Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Tsann Kuen’s “Re-start Promotion Membership Special” will start on October 7th, and physical members will pre-order a single product of more than RMB 10,000 at the store, and then pay the balance with the promotion coupon to receive a bonus of RMB 100,000.

After the five times coupons are on the road, during the event period from October 8th to 17th, members can spend an unlimited amount of money, and can draw 100,000 restoration money every day, and accumulate more than one million restoration money. Use the promotion coupon to enjoy a double chance to draw. At the same time, a series of full-scale gifts were launched. The biggest prizes included iPhone 13 and LG Smart Electronic Wardrobe.

To meet the consumer boom, Tsann Kuen also offers member discounts for many of its products, such as the Apple iPhone 13 Pro 256GB Tianfeng Lan just launched, the membership period is limited to 1,200 yuan, the M1 version of MacBook Air is 3,000 yuan, and the Samsung mid-range A32 5G discount 2,600 yuan, a series of ACER laptops equipped with Windows 11 and the new Switch OLED version, all have a discount combination.

(Photo/Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

(Photo/Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

In terms of home appliances, SAMPO inverter single air conditioner sold for 5,000 yuan, plus an additional 1,000 yuan for the heating and cooling remote control, Dyson Digital Slim Fluffy sold 72% off, log-in plus original storage rack, suction head, Roborock S6 MarxV discounted 8,800 yuan Gift box and neck pillow are presented. The Sharp 60 4K Smart TV is discounted at RMB 3,000 and comes with an automatic sterilizing ion generator, a massage fascia gun or a multi-function pan, etc.

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