Tuberculosis: monitoring the quality of laboratory diagnosis of the disease is the subject of an event

Meeting takes place from November 22nd to 26th at FMT-HVD

PHOTO: Girlene Medeiros/FVS-RCP

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Aiming at maintaining excellence in the quality of tuberculosis diagnosis in Amazonas, the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP), runs from Tuesday (11/22) to Saturday (26 /11), the tenth edition of the Workshop on Monitoring the Diagnosis by Bacilloscopy and Culture of Tuberculosis.

The strategy aims to monitor the quality of diagnosis of the disease in the state laboratory network coordinated by the Central Public Health Laboratory of Amazonas (Lacen-AM/FVS-RCP). The initiative takes place at the Doctor Heitor Vieira Dourado Foundation for Tropical Medicine (FMT-HVD) and is aimed at professionals in tuberculosis laboratories and municipal coordinators of Tuberculosis Control Programs in Amazonas.

According to the director-president of the FVS-RCP, Tatyana Amorim, the strategy is essential to maintain the quality of diagnosis, strengthening Health Surveillance. “It is necessary to maintain excellence in the quality of the tuberculosis diagnosis network. The event is a way of evaluating the services performed and improving them, considering the needs of the public health network”, he says.

According to the Lacen-AM/FVS-RCP Endemic Diagnosis Manager, Ana Ruth Arcanjo, the workshop schedule has representatives from the federal, state and municipal spheres. “As a regional reference, we are including the participation of Lacen do Acre, Roraima and Pará, as well as municipalities and representatives of the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health”, he highlights.

The coordinator of the State Program for Tuberculosis Control (PECT/FVS-RCP), Jair Pinheiro, emphasizes that the sharing of experiences is essential. “It is through this integration that health professionals will be able to analyze and identify how the other teams deal with the challenges and effects”, he emphasizes.

The initiative is also seen as fundamental for those involved in tuberculosis control on a municipal basis. “It’s a time to discuss indicators and situations, as well as proposals for improving the diagnosis of tuberculosis”, highlights Dináh Carvalho Cordeiro, head of the tuberculosis control center in Manaus.

For the person in charge of the tuberculosis diagnostic laboratory in São Gabriel da Cachoeira (distant 852 kilometers from Manaus), Gilberto Ferreira Bazé, monitoring is essential. “This is how we can identify where the municipality is making mistakes and where it is getting it right so that we can improve even more”, he said.

Office – Representatives from the Ministry of Health, Health Surveillance Secretariat, Amazonas State Health Secretariat (SES-AM), Lacens do Acre, Roraima and Pará, and Getúlio Vargas University Hospital (HUGV) participate in the workshop, as well as teams from laboratories of state health units Policlínica Cardoso Fontes, Fundação Hospital Adriano Jorge (FHAJ), FMT-HVD and Hospital e Pronto-Socorro 28 de Agosto.

Representatives of private laboratories will also be present, as well as public ones coordinated by the Municipal Health Department of Manaus (Semsa/Manaus). The event will also include the participation of the following municipalities in the interior of the state: Tefé, Parintins, Tabatinga, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Coari, Autazes, São Paulo de Olivença, Itacoatiara, Lábrea, Eirunepé, Maraã and Borba.

Scenario – From January to October 2021, 2,427 new cases of tuberculosis were registered in Amazonas. In the same period, in 2020, the figure was 2,428. Already in 2019, 2,699 cases. In 2021, the municipalities that registered the most new cases were: Manaus (1732), Manacapuru (71), Tefé (54), Iranduba (48), Tabatinga (42), Parintins (41) and Itacoatiara (37).

Reference – The FVS-RCP is responsible for the Health Surveillance of Amazonas. The institution is open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Avenida Torquato Tapajós, 4,010, Colônia Santo Antônio, Manaus. The telephone contacts for the FVS-RCP are (92) 2129-2500 and 2129-2502.

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